NJ needs bill backing doctors on prescriptions

Sen. Chris Brown sponsored Senate bill S3746 on behalf of my son and patients in the state of New Jersey. S3746 would help ensure the relationship between a physician and a patient when deciding on the right prescription medication rests solely in their hands. When my son was initially diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the summer of 2014, I thought the endless sticks, pokes and prods from the daily injections of insulin and blood glucose testing every three hours would be the most of our worries. This assumption was incredibly naïve.

Despite the fact that my then 9-year-old son experienced adverse reactions to switches in his insulin before, our insurance company forced him to “fail first” again on another brand of insulin. This also occurred when my son’s provider put through a prior authorization request to override the insulin switch three separate times. All three requests were denied by our insurance company.

As a result of the insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers playing doctor, my son nearly lost his life. He experienced multiple episodes of severe hypoglycemia when he was forced to switch and I realized after one such episode when I nearly lost him it was the medication switch that was the direct cause. I fought back with the help of health-care reporter Sarah Gantz of The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the insurance company granted my son a 20-year coverage guarantee. Guess what? Today there are no severe episodes of hypoglycemia to report. This isn’t a coincidence.

Not every patient will be as fortunate as my son, and I’m grateful that Sen. Brown has stood up for him and patients everywhere in New Jersey through S3746.

Brown’s legislation will help physicians accomplish the override needed with insurance companies to ensure every patient receives the right medication at the right time. This legislation has now passed in 27 states. Let’s make New Jersey the 28th state. Our patients and our children don’t deserve to wait.

Liz Parlett Butcher

Egg Harbor Township

Trump fans are wrong

I’m puzzled yet again. I live in Atlantic County and I think Donald Trump was a business failure in Atlantic City who was unfair to some of his vendors who helped to open his places. I think what puzzles me is that I assume everyone thinks of President Trump as a bombastic egotist and he’s just walking his walk, but those who defend him “for all the ridicule and bashing he has endured” just boggle my mind.

I think Trump is a bully and often folks will call him out. He deserves acknowledgement of his policies, which I believe aim to change the U.S. into an authoritarian country. People who continue to be all right with his verbiage, which I think wounds and divides, are on the wrong side.

Suzanne Marx

Mays Landing

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