Science is about how, religion is about why

Regarding the recent letter, “Religious writings can’t prove without evidence”:

One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind, as someone with a Ph.D. in physics, was the different questions which science and religion address. Science attempts to answer how the universe behaves whereas religion probes the why of it. The how of the universe explores the laws of nature and the theories behind them. The why of the universe is concerned with questions such as why does it even exist, why is there anything at all, what is the purpose and meaning of life, and many such questions.

I find the statement that creationism states that “the animals and plants we see today are exactly as they have always been” to be completely wrong. Almost everyone believes in micro-evolution; it’s just that many cannot see how life could have formed in the first place through blind unguided chance processes. They can’t fathom why many of the physical constants have precisely the values necessary to make life (of any kind) even possible in the universe. Change one or more of them even slightly and there is no life possible!

Finally, God has taken great care in preserving his words for us in his book, the Bible. The Dead Sea Scrolls do not disprove the Old Testament but instead confirm the writings of Isaiah found there dating back to 500 BC. One example of biblical reliability is that prior to the 1880s only the Old Testament referred to the Hittites. Scoffers and critics used this fact to attack the Bible. Then archaeological discoveries confirmed that the Bible was right all along.

I would like to close with the reminder that millions of people have trusted the Bible to answer questions of why they exist and have discovered the peace and joy that comes from trusting the Lord Jesus for their salvation.

Robert H. Barron


Respect US and Trump

I’m an old U.S. Marine, with 12 years of Catholic school, parents who raised five kids and stayed together till they died. The reason I say this is because I feel there aren’t too many of us left who still respect life, the flag, the national anthem, the president and can still speak a sentence without using vulgar language.

I’ll start with Colin Kaepernick, who destroyed my love of football. He was a spoiled millionaire football player who vilified cops and protested the American flag. He was soon joined by other spineless players and fans that went along just to get along.

In 2016 we had newly elected politicians who cursed President Trump and again were ignored.

Now the latest insult to decency is the U.S. women’s soccer team. Their victory celebration was disgusting, the team and their fans used one expletive after another talking trash against the president. Apparently their parents never washed out their mouths with soap but they should have.

I feel sorry for the good girls on the team that will be tarnished by the same brush but that’s another sport I’ll never watch.

Edward O’Flynn Sr.

Mays Landing

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