Favoring birds over foxes poor wildlife management

Wildlife management in some cases may include killing an animal if it is hurt and beyond repair or too far to take to a rescue organization. However, in Stone Harbor and Brigantine, in order to save a small number of endangered piping plovers, foxes have been snared and then killed to save the little birds.

The residents of Stone Harbor were alerted when a person saw a half-dead fox caught in a trap on the edge of the birds’ nesting area. Snare traps are legal in New Jersey with a license, but must be monitored daily.

I believe we need better wildlife and land management. Maybe trapped foxes could be inoculated and relocated. In some areas cages for the nesting birds are used, and better fences to protect against predators.

As to preserving land at the shore, is that supposed to mean only birds are allowed on it as a means of preservation? That appears again to be poor wildlife and animal management policy.

Besides, when animals are killed, guess what, more come back.

In the city we have deer, coyote, fox, raccoon and opossum. Sometimes they are trapped, if they are stuck in someone’s house, but mainly they are fine cohabitating on the edge of the woods and city.

Lisa Wetzler

Stone Harbor

Seniors need protection from tax-lien errors

Usually I am not one to support our state Legislature adding law upon layers of law to deal with every little problem, but Assemblyman Matt Milam’s bill mandating a municipality contact a senior citizen in person prior to putting their house up for tax lien sale might have some merit.

Recently, despite the fact that my property taxes were paid in full, Egg Harbor Township put my house up for tax sale. “Human error,” I was told.

Although I have been a contributing member of my community for 46 years, no one bothered to call me prior to listing my house for sale on a nationwide internet site. “Too busy,” I was told. A simple phone call would have alerted the township to their mistake and saved me months of anguish.

When the government has the absolute power to sell someone’s home out from under them, maybe senior citizens who have faithfully paid their taxes for years deserve the benefit of the doubt.

It is too bad it takes a law to mandate some humanity.

Janis Hetrick


Religion coverage valued

I enjoy reading news stories and articles on religion, both the good and, sadly, the unfortunate.

News comes in many varieties in the country and world today. These are historic and chaotic times. But in an age where religion often gets thrown under the bus, I am most grateful that it continues to be part of the coverage mix. I hope that doesn’t stop.

Anthony Navarra

North Cape May

Send back? Vote out

My answer to President Trump’s “send her back” is vote him out.

Mary Ann Zittle Robson

Egg Harbor Township

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