Cartels push immigration

As a semi-retired citizen and political junkie, I have had the time to follow the herd of 25 or so Democratic presidential candidates presenting their policies and flawed plans to govern the country if elected in 2020. As a group, their insincere promises to every ethnic group and bankrupting socialist programs are ludicrous and insane, to say the least. Since every one of these candidates currently holds an elected office, I have to wonder how these phony individuals got elected.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is not helping matters by stonewalling President Trump’s efforts to stop the invasion of illegal immigrant families and drugs by not acting and passing a comprehensive immigration bill.

I think the drug cartels have been managing the massive invasion to our southern borders to facilitate the movement of drugs into this country through Mexico. At the federal trial in New York of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican drug lord, a witness testified that Guzman paid a $100 million bribe to the former president of Mexico.

I have to wonder, as a cynical senior, if some of the Mexican drug cartels’ suitcases of cash are not being spread in this country.

Robert Readding


Margate boardwalk funds

Here are some suggestions for funding a Margate boardwalk.

Prosecute and seize the property of all those involved with the pharmacy benefits public employee scandal. Establish a free boardwalk fund for public, state, green acres, all monies recovered.

Close down one school in Margate or open a private high school in the same building. Start runs and walks with some proceeds to benefit Margate boardwalk. Make working on the boardwalk part of work-release programs for offenders.

Allow only veterans to sell ice cream and water on the beach and boardwalk, with some proceeds going directly to Margate boardwalk. Allow students to have a class outside on the boardwalk. Teach them the importance of being outside.

Organize senior volunteers to pair up with youths on fundraising activities to help the community. This would cultivate the minds of youth and teach them to give back early on, be satisfied inside and have some self-respect. Learn to be honest, not greedy.

Let all homeowners vote, with second homes counting as half.

Michael K. Dale


Against Trump, Pence

I hope that Jimmy Carter lives to see that he will not go down as our worst modern day president (not counting President Richard Nixon).

To me, President Trump represents immorality, corruption, hatred, sexism, etc., and total untruth (he is the best one to recognize “fake news”). Even though he professes to put the United States first, I believe his ego comes first and foremost.

He may be able to distort facts to appease his base. Everyone should vote him out of office.

Let’s not go for impeachment because it would divide this great country further and I think Vice President Mike Pence is just as bad.

Robert Johnson

Atlantic City

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