Dems should have open primary in 2nd District

While politics have been a part of my life for many years, they’ve had very little influence in my personal relationships. Such has been the case for most folks, until the new media changes in society. Now we are bombarded by buffoons, telling us why we should hate our political rivals. Then some folks take to social media, unwittingly attacking their loved ones, neighbors and friends.

The partisan labeling is disgraceful and honestly ridiculous. Though most still put their pants on one leg at a time, other aspects of our modern lives are not so easily defined. The characterizations are tools of the trade for professional politicians driven by economics and egos.

We have to bring these things back into perspective. Aside from the few true patriots who have stood out in our nation’s history, we should not be guided by anything or anyone political. With 45 presidents, there are only a handful who had a positive impact without a partisan measure. Throughout government, such numbers continue proportionately. The real leaders of our communities are not elected officials. These observations are not the point of my letter — I’m just hoping you’ll hear me with this in mind.

We are a troubled society, compounding the problem as we try to fix it. None of us has the right answer, all of us do. We need checks and balances, not partisan proliferation. Governing bodies at every level are dominated by one party or the other. Then they are guided by professional politicians who have been in office far too long. We can change this — they do not vote themselves in.

For Cape May County, the political smell is the Democrats floundering amid the decay of the Republicans. New lines need to be cast to get on an even keel. Democrats need fresh bait. Cape May County Democratic Committee Chairman Brendan Sciarra should not only be open to a primary race for the 2nd Congressional District, he should embrace the opportunity to reinvigorate his party. The tide has been blowing out far too long. The stench is overwhelming.

Samuel C. Kelly

Cape May Court House

Against Rep. Van Drew

Rep. Jeff Van Drew has continued to reject impeachment. The impeachment is about taking the only action Congress can to defend the nation. President Trump’s actions put athe nation’s security at risk and harm allies.

Van Drew’s votes to support his constituents mean nothing to me, if by voting against the impeachment process, he puts democracy at risk and lets the president’s actions go unchecked.

It may very well be that the spineless Republicans in the Senate will not give the facts of the matter consideration and impeachment fails. Nevertheless, the impeachment trial needs to occur and Trump be held accountable.

Van Drew’s “no” vote on impeachment won’t stop the proceedings, but it will say a lot about his unwillingness to check presidential corruption and uphold his oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Karen Smith Hughes


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