GOP tax plan favors rich

I was strolling through the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C., recently and was brought to tears by a quotation from him that was on the walls:

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

The GOP tax plan is a further redistribution of wealth to the richest in America, and those who have little will end up with even less. How far we have fallen from the nation’s ideals.

Elizabeth Searight


Don’t provide subsidies to S.J. nuclear plants

Regarding the Nov. 24 editorial, “Subsidies for baseload generators should favor nuclear over coal”:

The editorial describes various subsidies being considered to prop up nuclear power plants in New Jersey. Unfortunately, it gave short shrift to the proposal the state Legislature is expected to consider in the coming days that would require all New Jersey electricity customers to pay a nuclear energy tax in the form of a direct subsidy for nuclear power.

PSEG, the Fortune 500 company that owns the three nuclear plans in South Jersey, has been lobbying legislators for this nuclear subsidy. The company is still making profits off of these nuclear plants and now wants to shield itself from the marketplace and ask ratepayers for even more money — possibly billions of dollars — to satisfy Wall Street investors.

Under this legislation, New Jersey ratepayers alone would be required to subsidize power plants that serve a regional electrical grid encompassing a dozen other states. They are pushing legislative leaders to ram this through the current lame duck session in just a matter of weeks, without the standard set of committee hearings and opportunity for full public participation.

Residents should raise their voices before they raise electricity rates.

Sue R. Kelly

North Wildwood