US desperate for migrants

Regarding the recent letter, “Immigrants must blend”:

The author may not viscerally support President Trump on immigration, but he may be a lot closer to it than he thinks. After making the usual complaints against immigration (won’t assimilate, drain on the economy, unpatriotic, etc.), he criticizes Mexican immigrants for doing exactly what every immigrant community has done throughout history.

If prior immigrants had heeded the short sighted advice the author offers on how to be accepted in America, aspects of our culture simply would not exist and we would be the poorer for it. Every immigrant will seek out those they can identify with. Whether it be for shared experience or from speaking a common language, whatever it may be, people, in general, will gather together for safety, camaraderie and a place where they belong. Imagine a world without Chinatowns or Little Italys, just to mention the obvious examples of how the country has been blessed by these groups and the culture they bring, that gets woven into the American experience and becomes a part of the heritage shared and passed on to children.

We desperately need immigrants. The birthrate in the U.S. is not sufficient to sustain the country. This is an aging country and without new workers to maintain the economy, this house of cards will collapse. We are a nation of immigrants and should try to break the habit of demonizing and blocking everyone who gets here after our particular socioeconomic group has settled in. There’s no reason to expect that the immigrants of today will behave as the original immigrants did 400, or so, years ago.

Robert Post


NJ to blame for A.C. woes

I would like Sen. Steve Sweeny and others who state that Atlantic City needs to get its act together, to get its house in order, to become more efficient or to start addressing what it needs to address to define exactly what they mean, since Atlantic City has been following the state’s orders since 2010 regarding budgets and finances. Tell us what would you like us to do?

The state has been in Atlantic City since the casinos have been here. It created the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This organization took millions in ratables out of Atlantic City’s revenue stream and did not aggressively seek to have these properties redeveloped. Recently it has started to sell off some of this land. Why did the state allow this to happen? No other town in New Jersey has had this amount of money removed from its revenue stream.

Back in 2015-16, the city cut $50 million out of the budgets. The police and fire departments were downsized and many positions were eliminated. Sweeney says the city budget is too big for its population. However, he seems to forget that the city provides services to the million of visitors, such as public safety, and how is a town with 25% to 30% homeownership supposed to sustain this town without additional revenue? We need to keep the money that is generated here to service residents and visitors.

As a resident I blame the state like many otherd who live here for the condition this town is in and many think this was a plan set in motion for outsiders to make an argument to take it over.

It is my hope that with saner heads, perhaps through the executive council, the new mayor and the project office, Atlantic City will become one of the best towns in the state.

Libbie Wills

Atlantic City

Impeachment unwarranted

Democrats should be appalled at how Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her acolytes Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have forced their party to impeach President Trump.

The indiscretions allegedly committed by Trump and his unorthodox manners do not in any way warrant the most crucial action that can be taken against a sitting president.

There are remedies that could have been explored including censure or other actions short of the most severe action U.S. Congress can take.

Thus, right minded Americans should seek to remove those who perpetrated this egregious action.

Democrats should seek to primary those who conspired for the impeachment. They should seek to replace Speaker Pelosi, who was swayed by vocal radicals who sought to remove Trump as soon as he was sworn in.

Replacing radicals with Democrats who have the nation’s best interest at heart would blunt what likely will be a severe backlash against the party.

Standing up to the insanity that is destroying the Democratic Party is a noble action. The idea of loyal opposition and civility must be the way forward. To ignore this need will have catastrophic results.

Anthony T. DiSimone


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