Rethink student subsidies

With the left spouting that virtually everything should be free as a “human right” for all Americans and whoever else can sneak into the U.S., especially young college students expressing such viewpoints, it is a Democrat idea devoid of any common sense. Perhaps it’s time to do away with taxpayer-subsidized student loans if this is what the education product produces. Moreover, I look forward to the voters coming to their senses in 2020.

Tony De Angelis


Reduce new health tax

Congress doesn’t have much time left to make a vital decision on what the future of health care in this country will look like. Before it calls it quits for the session, bipartisan voters from across the nation need relief from the incoming Health Insurance Tax (HIT).

This single tax hike has the ability to smash the dreams of thousands of people who have chosen to roll up their sleeves and start their own business. Almost 88 percent of small businesses cover their employees through the fully insured marketplace that the tax targets. Their premiums will rise, and their workers’ costs will rise, because the HIT has a $16 billion price tag next year.

I am one of the small-business owners who will be impacted by the HIT. I provide my employees with health coverage, but I’m afraid that could change next year. I cannot afford to pay ever-increasing premiums that are much higher for the same plans that I purchased the year before.

The results from this tax will be widespread throughout the nation’s most financially vulnerable populations. 142 million Americans could see their health-care costs rise because of the HIT; in fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services just reported that the net cost of private health-care increased over 15 percent in 2018.

Congress must take action now to prevent the HIT from damaging the nation’s small businesses.

Glenn Davila

Egg Harbor City

Must impeach Trump

U.S. democracy is under threat because President Donald Trump solicited foreign assistance to investigate a political opponent in the 2020 election. I believe that is an impeachable offense for putting his own political interests above the needs and safety of the American people. This president must be held accountable so that a dangerous precedent isn’t set for future presidents. If we do not set an example and impeach the president now, we send a dismal message to the world that we are allowing our democracy to crumble and be subject to dictatorial influence.

Americans share a common bond, enjoying the freedoms such as speech and religion that have been fought so bravely to be preserved and protected. Certain institutions are now at threat, so people must stand up for their rights by weeding out corruption in government and that starts with holding the highest level of office, the president of the U.S., accountable for his misdeeds in compromising the safety and values of the country.

Andrea Harrison

Monroe Township

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