Revisit NJ punishment for cruelty to animals

A Stafford Township landlord got 90 days in jail for killing a 15 pound service dog, and only that much because animal abuse laws were strengthened.

Perhaps the pinheads in Trenton should revisit this issue.

John Chesarek

Leeds Point

Change vote to avoid electing Trump president

Regarding the recent Jonah Goldberg column, “Maybe America just wants to have a parliamentary system”:

Switching to a parliamentary form of election would skip a simple solution in favor of a complex one.

The way to remedy the antiquated and disparate electoral system is to replace it with a direct election model. That way each person’s vote is treated equally regardless of where that person resides.

Looking back, the country would have been in much better shape, since Al Gore won the popular vote as did Hillary Clinton in 2016 with a 2.8 million vote margin.

Then the country wouldn’t have President Trump. People should prepare for 2020 to make that a reality.

Stephen Gring

Ocean City

Constant battle for Trump

President Trump’s supporters seem angry to me even when they’re winning. That comes from the top, I suppose. Trump doesn’t seem happy unless he is battling with someone. What a horrible way to live.

Kevin Dolan

Mays Landing

Response to reporter lacked civility, respect

When I was growing up, we were taught to respect our elected officials, whether we agreed with them or not. I recently watched President Trump interacting with reporters as he left the White House for a European trip. When a CNN reporter asked Trump if he hoped the acting attorney general would “rein in” Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, his response was, “What a stupid question that is. … But I watch you a lot. You ask a lot of stupid questions.”

If that response had come from an educator or from a supervisor at work, someone would have objected and they would probably be reprimanded. It lacks civility and respect for others. This says something about the state of society.

Eileen Risler


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