Admires Van Drew

As an independent voter, I admire Rep. Jeff Van Drew for sticking to his beliefs and not voting along party lines. For the Democrats to demand that he conform to party lines and vote against his principles is wrong and very unAmerican. Voting for what he feels is correct makes Van Drew the strongest individual in the party and he should be commended for voting his conscience.

No one should be told how to vote. At all levels, from local elections to those we elect to represent us on a state or national level, individuals should gather the information and cast their vote according to what they believe is honest, correct and fair. There is no one size fits all or cookie cutter answer to complex issues such as the current impeachment proceedings, so there is no way every Democrat or Republican could vote the same way.

We are a free country. Politicians need to keep in mind that perhaps the current political circus may be the tipping point towards a stronger Independent voter base.

Dawn Kaiser

Egg Harbor Township

Against Van Drew

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who represents all or parts of eight South Jersey counties at the federal level, demonstrated lackluster leadership since he first took congressional office.

A bill to crack down on robocalling remains the foremost legislative accomplishment of Van Drew, the dentist who formerly represented District 1 in the New Jersey Senate. His former running mate, Bob Andrzejczak, lost that seat last month. Andrzejczak, a Democrat, considered the possibility of supporting President Trump’s re-election, depending on the Democratic nominee.

Had Van Drew remained a Democrat, in June activists interested in real progress, not a toothless empty suit, would have sent him back to LD1, the job he tried to pass along to Andrzejczak. Unless Van Drew had suddenly offered substantial representation, he would have faced unilateral abandonment by the party.

Shaun Moran

Little Egg Harbor Township

Glad Perskie helping A.C.

Interesting to read that Steve Perskie is stepping in to help the Atlantic City administration solve the city’s problems. My only thoughts are he could never seem to hold a job for long. Superior Court judge, author of the state legislation that brought casino gaming to Atlantic City, state assemblyman, senator, governor’s chief of staff and chairman of the Casino Control Commission.

I worked in Atlantic City for 46 years and observed a lot of corruption. Some of the best times were when Jim Whelan was mayor.

I’m so glad Perskie wants to help the city and Mayor Mary Small reached out to him. This could take the city in a positive new direction.

Ed Pullman

Egg Harbor Township

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