N. Wildwood changes to Hereford Light senseless

I am writing as a lifelong area resident, an oft-time visitor to Hereford Inlet Lighthouse and a New Jersey taxpayer to question the decision the mayor and the North Wildwood City Council have made to remove the stewards of the lighthouse and its gardens. My question: Why?

Why change something that is working so well? Why dismiss the loyal, hardworking people who are volunteering their time to make this area what it has become? Will others have to be hired and paid to replace these volunteers?

These volunteers have given hours, days and years of their lives to make Hereford Inlet Lighthouse what it is today. It should be interesting to see who the replacements are.

I’ve heard that a consulting firm has come in to investigate trees to be removed, topography to be changed and gardens to be rearranged. Perhaps the memorial bricks paid for and placed in the patio in memory of loved ones will be removed. Presumably the taxpayers of North Wildwood will foot the bill for these changes.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure there are more urgent matters to take care of using the North Wildwood taxpayers’ money.

Maxine A. Mulligan


Biased media ignore reality of U.S. debt

Mainstream news has a lot to do with what isn’t reported and how much slant is included. That’s why many Americans mistrust the news media.

A recent Associated Press story about the congressional tax legislation stated the plan would cut taxes by about $1.5 trillion (the article never mentions that tax cuts mean more money in nearly every American’s pocket) but pointed out the tax cuts may limit America’s ability to pay for the huge deficit. The article emphasized the plan would add billions to America’s $20 trillion deficit (America’s public debt, adjusted by several fiscal factors) but it must be paid — with interest!

The AP article never addressed why spending too much has hurt America. It never mentioned that President Barack Obama was responsible for giving America its biggest debt increase in history.

After his eight years in office, George Bush left a deficit of about $9 trillion. In his eight years, Obama increased America’s debt by more than the combined total of every president in American history to an unprecedented $19.8 trillion.

Obama’s policies are why the U.S. economy tanked. Regardless of people’s opinion of Donald Trump, he puts America’s well-being first. He strives to revitalize the economy. He wants to bring good jobs to Americans — all Americans. He might not be an ideal guy, but he may make a great president.

Robert S. Viola

Somers Point