Abortion not worst choice

Regarding the recent letter, “Student clinic shouldn’t give abortion referrals”:

The letter writer may think abortion is murder. Many people do. But what’s worse? An addicted, unwanted and unloved child? Or an aborted fetus?

I am not pro life or choice. But I am pro Planned Parenthood. The writer objects to Planned Parenthood operating a health center at Stockton University that makes abortion referrals. It also has a day-care center for student parents.

Planned Parenthood offers so many services — one of the least sought is abortion. (32% seek birth control and 45% go for STD screening and treatment.) Planned Parenthood may refer patients for abortion services, but is more likely to offer the morning after pill or prenatal care for scared, poor, young ladies.

Planned Parenthood is a cheap option for people to protect themselves. Be open minded.

Sarah Busch


Opposed to Van Drew

I’m disappointed that before the process is complete, Congressman Jeff Van Drew’s mind is already made up. If he thinks impeachment is going to tear the country apart, he’s about 25 years too late.

Perhaps he is ignorant of the gridlock the late Rep. Bill Hughes encountered and the calculated, premeditated actions of House Republicans to obstruct initiatives put forth by President Obama, regardless of the merits, with the blessing and support of Sen. Mitch McConnell.

I’m extremely disappointed that Van Drew presents himself in Congress thus far as just another politician worried about the next election — unlike seven of his Democratic colleagues who had doubts like him, who come from conservative districts like him, but answered the call to defend the Constitution. They assumed the risk to step up and act like a statesman, to do what’s right even if it means losing an election.

The irony is that had he risen to the occasion he might have maintained the respect and support of many Republicans in the district as well as many Democrats. I’m sorry he lacked the foresight and judgment to see the right.

John Capasso Sr.


Against Van Drew in 2nd

I voted for Rep. Jeff Van Drew, enthusiastically, in 2018, with the anticipation that he would bring integrity and justice to the House — a sense of restoration and constitutional duty. I am a lifelong Democrat, but have proudly voted for Republicans who have honored their oath of office on many occasions.

Van Drew has shown himself to be more interested in keeping his job, due to the relatively high level of Republicans in this district rather than honoring his constitutional duties.

I am no average voter. I am a staunch political activist with a 30-plus year history of civil rights work, professional duty in the community and deep ties to the political hierarchy, and I will ensure that Van Drew will not retain his position in office beyond his current term. If he cannot find a sense of honor and patriotism to defend the Constitution, his tax-funded career is seeing its sunset. People who feel as I do are many. I am an American citizen against tyranny and injustice.

Van Drew’s willingness to placate and defend President Trump will be his political downfall. I hope he’s proud.

Jarrod Wolos

Egg Harbor Township

Backs Sanders in 2020

The champion of the American people Teddy Roosevelt was also the last independent hero of the Republican Party (notwithstanding great leaders like Dwight Eisenhower). The warning of President Eisenhower against the undue influence of the military industrial complex has failed to stop its momentum, influence and ownership of both political parties. The guiding light out of corporate owned plutocracy is in the fulfillment of the 100% American conception of Roosevelt’s progressive Bull Moose Party of 1912, which lost to the Democratic Party and Woodrow Wilson.

The progressive positioned to fulfill that legacy is Bernie Sanders. Equating his policies with dictatorships in Venezuela, Russia or North Korea are disingenuous acts of sabotage propagated by political foes. Let’s make America great again for all of us by voting for Sanders in the primary and presidential election for 2020.

Steven Mento


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