Prefer modern Miss A, wearing evening gown

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “Miss America’s quest to devalue feminine beauty sure to fail”:

I disagree with the view expressed concerning the devaluing of feminine beauty and the Miss America competition. I think maybe the editorial board would have women portrayed as they were in the 1950s, as many GOP politicians are in favor of in my opinion. It is 2019 and the Miss America competition is not just any pageant; it is Miss America, who should be portrayed as a woman of 2020, not 1950.

So, I agree with the changes with the exception of the evening gowns, which I would like to see and feel that they take nothing away from the modern woman and her goals and accomplishments.

As far as the swimsuits go, they seemed to be getting skimpier and skimpier, which I found very offensive. I would like to see a Mr. America competition with the contestants prancing around in Speedos rather than more modest swimsuits. You get my points, I hope.

Christine Bradway

Rio Grande

All about disliking Trump

If someone breaks the law, I’m all for them being punished for it, whether it be by fine or jail time. President Trump has been fined $2 million for misusing one of his own charitable foundations.

Now tell me what happened to Hillary Clinton when she and husband Bill Clinton dipped into one of their own foundations for their daughter’s wedding, according to emails released by WikiLeaks. That would be breaking the law too yet you still don’t hear of them being punished. Another double standard.

More proof that the only reason anyone wants Trump out of office is because they don’t like him and no other reason.

Patrick M. Matthews

Galloway Township

Nonvoters defeated Dems

The reason the local Democratic team lost in the Nov. 5th election is that people like me did not vote for either them or the GOP team. We ignored both parties and voted on the veterans issue. So, yes, we voted.

These local men lost because they tied their campaign’s identity to Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s coattails, ignoring the power of his non-impeachment stand on President Donald Trump.

Van Drew has lost the allegiance of many like me. A Pyrrhic victory for him.

Jack Riehl

Cape May

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