D.C. a classic drama

The bard of Avon died April 23, 1616, but today we have a live Shakespearian drama being played in the nation’s capital that would rival any of his plays or dramas.

The players are out to impeach the president and the subterfuge is epic. Liars are given center stage and conspirators are masked in heinous character bias. New laws are created and rules of procedure are changed so those in control benefit at the expense of the accused.

It has been a long time since I have read Shakespeare, but my main recall is he exploited the subterfuge of unsavory characters and crimes in extraordinary wit and so often gentle humor.

The Democrats have gone for the pound of flesh, but have drawn a pint of blood, incestuous sheets are exposed and something is rotten in D.C.

Robert J. Caroccio Sr.

Ocean City

Planned Parenthood right

Regarding the recent letter, “Student clinic shouldn’t give abortion referrals”:

Student clinics are a necessary part of health care on college campuses.

I realize the subject of access to abortion is a personal choice and very controversial. I would like to bring to light the misinformation regarding Planned Parenthood. I believe the movie “Unplanned” is factually inaccurate and heavily politicized. Opponents of Planned Parenthood should read the health care and information that is provided on Planned Parenthood’s website instead of quoting what I think is misleading and inaccurate information.

College students, for the most part, are adults and are entitled to access to birth control, pap smears, mammogram referrals, testing for STDs, and information about abortion. Most of Planned Parenthood’s clients are women and the care they receive is part of their necessary health care.

Julianne Walkotten

Egg Harbor Township

Political support, votes cost taxpayers a fortune

Person A robs B and splits the loot with C for the purpose of gaining favor with C. B reports the crime to the police. The police investigate and A is charged and convicted of robbery, C is convicted of receiving stolen property. Both are sent to prison.

When politicians are A, the taxpayers are B and C are those receiving government largess, the effects and ramifications are exactly the same, only it’s often legal and a way of bribing voters with their own money.

Political fundraising dinners are also, in effect, a way of bribing voters legally. Politicians can rake in tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Is the food that finger-lickin’ good? No, but the benefits to a donor can be pretty delicious.

Then there are political speeches where a candidate can make many thousands more. One speech that comes to mind is the one by Bill Clinton to the Russians. A Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin paid $500,000 for that speech. Do you think they paid a half of a million dollars simply to listen to the noisy warm air exiting from slick Willie’s lips? Of course not.

By the way, can you imagine the reaction from the Democrats and their media comrades if it were Donald Trump getting the same dough from the Russians for a speech? The words “collusion,” “quid pro quo” and “impeach” would be breaking the sound barrier. It would sound like the Armageddon finally arriving. However, since it was comrade Clinton, you can barely hear the crickets.

Democratic presidential candidates are all trying to outdo each other in enticing voters with government “free” stuff. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows that what they offer as free is not free. It will cost us in taxes or more debt added to the $23 trillion we now have. That is a whopping $790,000 per taxpayer! Have those running for president figured out how we can reduce this debt? Nope. They haven’t gone beyond the ABCs stated in the beginning of this letter.

Robert J. Vertolli


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