Trump a needed fighter

A lot of people are unhappy with Donald Trump being president. He’s unorthodox and combative, but we needed a fighter who would put America first for a change. His personality is incidental, what he’s striving to do for the country is paramount. He’s trying to reverse America’s decline, which we all should want.

Here’s a sampling of what needs to be corrected immediately: The highest corporate tax in the world, causing companies to flee the country, taking millions of jobs with them. Excessive government regulations strangling the creation and running of small businesses. Straightening out Obamacare so families and sick people aren’t saddled with overwhelming premiums and drug costs. For our protection, restoration of the military shamefully degraded by President Obama to the point where military experts question its ability to win a war if attacked. The constant undermining of the Constitution and religion as the left deceitfully plots to convert the republic into an atheistic socialistic state.

President Trump is trying to rectify all this. The left hates him for it and wants to destroy him. He is upsetting their agenda for a godless socialistic world. Forget the man, think of the country and the people, and which way this epic battle should go. The answer should be clear. Hope that he succeeds so I can still say to all: God bless and merry Christmas.

Donald R. Ackermann


County landfill smells

Atlantic County stinks, or at least the growing section around the landfill. The smell of incompletely burned methane is now detectable from Galloway Township to much of Egg Harbor Township. This is our garbage we are smelling and our tax dollars pay to dispose of it.

It is offensive to residents and tourists who are greeted by the horrible odor just as they exit onto the Black Horse Pike. Every town in the world deals with this and there are several solutions that have been proven to work. The county never should have allowed it to get this bad. It should take action to fix it immediately.

Greg Smith


Disturbing security search

Regarding the Dec. 6 letter, “Disrespectful search”:

I as a senior citizen feel very disturbed about the treatment the writer’s mother was given at Atlantic City International Airport. The security personnel embarrassed her and went about it the wrong way. I agree they need more training and should check out the real people who have issues getting on planes.

Was this poor women treated this way just to make it look like someone was doing their job? It makes the airport look bad.

Barbara Phillips

Egg Harbor Township