Limit frivolous lawsuits

We have become a sue-happy nation. We are teaching kids it is OK to sue over any little thing and hold everyone else accountable. What needs to be instilled is a strong work ethic and taking responsibility.

The lawyers are a big part of the problem. Because of greed, they will take on any case no matter how futile just to make a buck.

What needs to happen is that guidelines need to be put in place to stop this. If steps were taken to fine the lawyers, this would stop a lot of this nonsense.

All of the senseless lawsuits are clogging up the judicial system and costing taxpayers money. When insurance companies have to pay out for frivolous lawsuits, it trickles down to small people and small businesses trying to make an honest buck.

This country was built on hard work. Yes, that means working for it. These days the way it seems to make money is by suing for it.

My grandmother’s and my mother’s favorite quote is “Stop me when I’m saying something that isn’t true.”

Jennifer Wertz-Toth

Cape May

Rethink gun rights

I find it very confusing and even more frustrating and frightening that virtually every day, there is news of someone getting shot, and after the recent event at a local football game, this is getting closer to home and that is not acceptable.

I served my country in Vietnam where it was a known issue that people would be getting shot and killed. However, Vietnam was a long time ago, and like every citizen of this country, I deserve to have a safe environment to live in and what I see is completely unacceptable.

There is no reason in the world for a youngster to have a 45 caliber weapon available to them or another to have access to an M-16, yet such instances exist and there seems to be absolutely no concern or suggestions about limiting access to weapons. It seems that those who make such decisions either provide such weapons or perhaps are obligated to those who sell or provide such weapons and this lack of concern is totally unacceptable.

Yes, there are those who have the right to own a weapon, but access to weapons for harmful reasons must be researched and protected, but the stand-off attitudes of the suppliers of such weapons or those who protect the availability of obtaining these weapons, need to wake up and address this issue before it’s too late and the senseless shootings continue without restraint.

Robert L. Frolow

Egg Harbor Township

Remove President Trump

Recently Congressman Jeff Van Drew stated that unless there was something he hadn’t heard before, he would vote against the articles of impeachment. I say he hasn’t yet heard my voice.

After listening to the testimonies of truly exceptional career government employees, I was appalled to hear about the president’s disregard for ethical behavior and his ignorance of the laws that protect this nation.

If Trump weren’t impeached for temporarily withholding congressionally approved funds from an ally for the purpose of soliciting information that might benefit his re-election, the phrase “we want you to do us a favor though” would be this democracy’s epitaph.

This cannot stand as the measure for future presidents. Republicans should consider what example they are setting by defending Trump’s behavior. If we allow this breach go unanswered no future political candidate will be able to resist doing the same — because plotting and skirting the law won’t be considered wrong. But it is wrong. And its wrongness must be loudly affirmed now. Trump must be removed from office.

Van Drew’s expression of doubt is unattractive at best, and short-sighted, misguided at worst. I do not take it lightly and hope others in his district won’t either.

Josh Lucchesi

Galloway Township

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