Nurses need the benefits, ratios to do their work

Nurse staffing is a crucial health policy issue on which there is a great deal of consensus on an abstract level (that nurses are an important component of the health care delivery system and that nurse staffing has impacts on safety), much less agreement on exactly what research data have and have not established, and active disagreement about the appropriate policy directions to protect public safety.

The poor staffing levels and lack of adequate benefits for health care professionals has been on going for many years. The nurses complain that ratios and what is expected regarding care needs based on patient-assessed needs has been a point of contention for years.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that our health care facilities do not have health care benefits that are adequate for health care nurses. For many years hospitals stated that nurse to patient outcomes did not make a difference. This is not true. Nurses are the first line of defense in health care needs. Nurses know what is best where ratios are concerned.

The nursing profession is changing and new opportunities have opened up for the registered nurse. Taking care of nurses will lead to less burnout. Nurses have a right to adequate benefits that will allow them the support they need to continue doing the work expected. Benefits need to be clarified.

Karen Stratoti

Egg Harbor Township

Supports Van Drew stance

The people who are so short-sighted as to criticize Rep. Jeff Van Drew because he does not blindly follow the do-nothing politics of the Democratic Party in Washington should be ashamed of themselves.

The congressman from South Jersey clearly sees that the exercise to hold impeachment hearings only serves to continue to hurt the citizens of this country. There are over 400 bills waiting for action in Congress just this year.

So why waste more time and millions of dollars, in my view, just because Democrats lost an election in 2016? Van Drew should be applauded for having the foresight, integrity and courage to vote against the Rep. Adam Schiff machine and to attempt to get these Democrats and their sheep-like supporters to get the country moving again.

Frank Dougherty


Politician vs. politicians

Regarding the recent commentary by congressional candidate Bob Patterson, “By supporting Trump, we can make South Jersey great again”:

I read with interest the commentary written by Patterson. He states that for the last 25 years, South Jersey has been the unwitting victim of misguided politicians, among other self-serving entities. Then I come to find out that he is a politician, promoting another politician who from my standpoint has a reckless view of the truth.

I am in my 70s and have lived most of my life in South Jersey. Although there are obvious situations that deserve criticism, on the whole I think we have done pretty good and have a lot of potential for those who can take advantage of it.

If someone lies to me, they must either think I’m stupid or that I’m not paying attention. I guarantee that is not the case for me and my fellow South Jersey residents.

Bob Sule

Somers Point

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