Grateful for LoBiondo’s arctic refuge protection

I regard Congressman Frank Lobiondo’s decision to not seek re-election with a mixture of gratitude and trepidation. Gratitude for his service to his constituents in the 2nd District (of which I am one). Trepidation because in these polarized times, it is precisely the intelligent, balanced and seasoned statesmanship of Rep. Lobiondo that the nation desperately needs.

Always a friend to the environment, LoBiondo’s steadfast defense of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was what earned my abiding respect and countenance. Where other members of Congress see a frozen wasteland, he recognizes a rich, nurturing environment that is as close as the air we breathe and as manifest as the tens of thousands of wintering birds that are the arctic’s envoys to New Jersey (e.g. the American robin eating the berries in the holly outside your door was likely raised in a willow thicket in the arctic).

As someone who has made multiple trips to the arctic refuge, I celebrate Lobiondo’s determination and farsightedness. He has earned his retirement but his voice of reason will be missed.

One can only hope that his successor shares the congressman’s commitment to the environment that supports us and makes South Jersey the place we choose to live.

Pete Dunne

Dividing Creek

Keeper’s family backs Hereford Light group

Keeper Ferdinand Heizman’s exemplary record and the repeated and consecutive federal honors bestowed on him at Hereford Inlet Lighthouse are unparalleled in lighthouse lore and place him among the most decorated lighthouse keepers in the nation.

I am the grandson of Heizman and write on behalf of his heirs. We are all deeply concerned about the fate of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, the history contained within its walls, and the institutional memory that keeps it alive if indeed the Friends of the Lighthouse are removed from their post as trustees at year’s end as the new mayor has decided.

Collectively we urge people to challenge this misguided and political decision. Friends of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse must maintain their longstanding and highly successful role as guardians of this historic treasure. On many occasions, director Steve Murray and his team have demonstrated a commitment for and love of this living monument that no amount of money can buy. They are absolutely irreplaceable.

Severing management relations with the group means cutting the very ties that bind this community together. It is an existential threat to the light and would forever lessen its brightness.

Keeper Heizman’s family pleads for help in reaching an outcome that honors his dedication and that of his fellow keepers including the current day guardians — Friends of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.

We stand united and in vocal protest against the mayor’s decision and we ask for the public’s support.

Tedd Determan

Washington, D.C.