Assert tenant rights

I have rented my entire life. There seems to be a pattern of dysfunctional landlords.

Many people today rent because they cannot afford to buy a house because of hardship or low income. I encourage people who rent to stand up and speak up. Do not live in silence and suffering.

Tenants have rights. Fair decent housing, heat and hot, electric water working and peace of mind.

Sarah Kabo


Honoring a veteran

We were having breakfast recently with my son and his wife in Cape May Court House. When the waiter brought the check, he told us a gentleman offered to pay half of it, noticing that my son was a veteran; he was wearing his USMC hat.

Our son served 21 years in the U.S. Marines and one year of duty in Vietnam, two years as a recruiting officer and a two-year tour of duty in Iceland and as an officer on embassy duty.

We were disappointed that we were not able to meet this gentleman in person to thank him for his kindness and as a true patriot. God bless him.

Marian Boorse

Ocean View

Trump has sons too

The three young men who shoplifted in China did a terrible thing. Shoplifting isn’t a good idea anywhere.

On TV, I saw men apologize to China, the United States and thank President Trump for helping them get released.

Trump forgets, he has sons. Donald Jr. is under investigation now as part of the Russian election meddling probe.

The president didn’t like the way LaVar Ball, father of one of the young men, questioned the extent of Trump’s involvement in securing their release and refused to thank him. Trump tweeted that he should have left them in jail.

Well, Trump should watch out what he wishes for. Espionage in the government is illegal too.

Juanita Hooper

Atlantic City

Wishes Woods well

I love Tiger Woods. Why?

What a pleasure to have watched him play unbelievable golf shots and unimaginable putts. His physical prowess and mental toughness were unmatched on the golf tour. What a player!

Tiger should know people are rooting for him.

I hope he gets better and brings back the excitement and joy to the game of golf.

Nancy Woerner