Do all to guard air, water, including new NJ rights

Regarding the recent editorial, “Ill-defined environmental rights would be NJ litigation nightmare”:

I am stunned by this editorial opposing a green amendment to the N.J. Constitution, a bipartisan effort. The Declaration of Independence establishes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as basic rights. We are surrounded with stories of children’s rights to life and health being stolen by greedy industries and negligent state officials, and the right to clean water and air would be like a reiteration of those rights in the state constitution.

Lead has a devastating effect on children’s cognitive development. Trenton’s city water utility failed to carry out a planned project to replace lead water lines after being found in violation of lead water levels. There are still ongoing problems with elevated lead levels in Newark’s water. And, after years of wondering why the rate of autism keeps increasing, a recently released study of 800 mothers in Finland correlated the risk of autism with a mother’s exposure to DDT, which remains in our food supply years after being banned.

Environmental protection is not just about birdwatchers, kayakers and protecting second homes along the beach. It is about keeping the air we breathe and the water we drink safe, so that we are not unknowingly subjecting children to cancer, autism and cognitive damage. For this, we need every protection we can establish and this green amendment to the N.J. Constitution is one protection we should support.

Monica Malone


A.C. taffy best in world

The Fralinger’s force is strong with this family.

Our great-grandmother, Ethel Cramer, managed Fralinger’s shipping department for over 30 years.

That said, we have always been divided into the James faction and the Fralinger’s faction.

I remain a leading James taffy proponent. I prefer the hard-nut-to-crack texture of James. Its molasses paddles (frozen) are peerless.

Others in the family like the softer, creamy (and might I add, a-fraction-too-sweet) texture of Fralinger’s.

Of course, before I put a piece of James candy to my mouth, I would always say, “my great-grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew.”

The childhood days of the 1960s as an Atlantic City native are gone. Easter Sundays on the rides on Million Dollar Pier; the diving horses, of course; sea lions at Captain Starn’s; learning to swim in the Traymore pool; having the beach in hot September all to ourselves. The list goes on and on.

I’ve lived away from home most of my life, and none of these old losses would affect me nearly as much as losing hometown taffy, so I hope the James and Fralinger’s reorganization succeeds. I’ve been all over America and the world, and no one ever made taffy remotely as perfectly as Atlantic City: James’s (and, OK, Fralinger’s).

What’s next? No, never the White House!

Ted Gallagher

New York

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