Enforce existing litter laws before plastic ban

I read with amused interest the recent letter, “Regulate plastic bags.” I say amused interest because the letter writer claims Barnegat as her home, yet she has a lot of regulatory ideas for Atlantic County and Atlantic City. Keep in mind, Barnegat is in Ocean County, not Atlantic County.

Why should our limited resources be utilized to create new ordinances when existing ones (if enforced) would accomplish the same end goal? I do not like to see plastic, paper, for that matter trash of any kind littering the beaches, bays, roads, parks, etc. Why not just enforce the littering laws that are already in place instead of instituting new laws and hardships on the citizens and businesses?

I am sure there is plenty of improvement needed in Ocean County that the letter writer should focus her attention on, and stay out of our governance. I thank her just the same.

Bill Garry


Brigantine should look at 4x4 permits limit

Last year Brigantine sold 5,800 4x4 beach permits and collected $701,000 in revenue for those permits. Now the city has approved an in-season increase of $100 per vehicle ($25 increase for preseason rates). Mayor Andy Simpson is justifying this increase due to the need for additional police protection and lifeguards.

According to the city’s website, a Class I special police officer earns $10 per hour during their first year and $13 per hour during their third year. Assuming a 37½ hour work week, it would cost the city approximately $10,000 combined for a 12 week period for pay alone for one first year and one third year officer. I could not locate the salary range for lifeguards but I would be surprised if the salary for lifeguards would be significantly higher than police officers. Additionally, it is my understanding that the fees collected from the sale of beach badges also go towards beach protection.

In addition to the revenue made from the sale of 4x4 permits, Brigantine collected over $602,000 from the sale of beach badges in 2017. It is not clear to me where all this revenue goes.

If the city is concerned about overcrowding, and the need for additional enforcement and protection, is it possible that the city is simply selling too many 4x4 permits?

Stephen Hogan


Dems biased prosecutors of one presumed guilty

I get tired of hearing “No one is above the law.” What these power-hungry politicians mean is that no one in the opposition party is above the law. They do not care what is best for the citizens of the U.S., their employers; it is merely what they need to do to keep power and retain their job.

In what universe is it OK for any trial in the U.S.A. to require the prosecutor to approve a witness for the defense? That is the current state of affairs during this impeachment “inquiry.” Why is it that the duly elected president of the United States is not given the right to the presumption of innocence? The collaboration between the mainstream news media and the Democratic Party is just dangerous. The media controls the information that is disseminated to us and it is difficult, even for a news junkie, to get through the weeds of the disinformation.

If a judge were to be found to be prejudiced toward a defendant, he would be required to recuse himself. Why haven’t there been cries for Rep. Adam Schiff to recuse himself? His totally false script of President Trump’s call was read during a hearing. He did this full well knowing that he had the White House transcript of the infamous telephone call in his possession. Prejudice to the nth degree!

Why is President Trump guilty of a quid pro quo and former vice president Joe Biden, who was in charge of Ukraine issues for the U.S. while his son received $600,000 a year for sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings, is not investigated for a quid pro quo? The news media always ends any mention of this situation with a phrase like “but no wrongdoing has been found.” Actually, no investigation has been done is more accurate.

The Democrats have been trying to impeach this president since his inauguration. They are in search of a crime and are spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to do so.

Annamarie Donley

Egg Harbor Township

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