Welcome refugees to US

President Trump may be scaring the country with his talk of an invasion from the southern border. But in church this week the second most important commandment was “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

The country of Turkey is a little bigger than the state of Texas and more than 3 million Syrians have sought refuge in it the last four years. That speaks a lot about the Muslim faith.

Yet Americans are afraid of tens of thousands of migrants coming from the neighboring countries to our south.

Kathy Smith

Galloway Township

Bogus surveys fishing for personal data to use

In the period leading up to and during the election season, I received hundreds of email requests for donations. I wondered why I had become so popular, being addressed by name as though the person contacting me was a friend.

Then I realized I had participated in a number of “surveys,” most of them political in nature.

I may not be the smartest kid in the playground, but it occurred to me that I had provided more contact information than I should have and the emails I was receiving were the direct result.

This is a shell game being played by political professionals and we (including me) are the suckers who innocently provide information because we think that bogus survey is important or of interest to us. And if you don’t provide the information that is requested, the effort shuts down.

The information you provide becomes accessible to a range of people who don’t view you as a human being, but as a source of data or money they can use or sell to others for whatever purpose suits them.

When you think about it, it’s not very different from what happened with the data collected by Facebook that was used to affect the 2016 presidential election.

Beau Weisman

Cape May Court House

Media bias on Trump influenced election result

The print media should be complimented for their part in the Republicans losing the House of Representatives. Due to all the negative information printed about President Trump, the uninformed had no choice but to believe what the media was conveying.

With all the negative coverage, it just shows which political party the media is backing. This also applies to the the negative information emanating from television.

Both venues seemed aware that if they printed or talked about any, or all, of the many accomplishments by President Trump, the Republicans would have won the House. Due to the obstructionists who will control the House, the president’s momentum in moving the country forward will now slowly deteriorate. With the exception of the win in the Senate, the outcome of the election was a sad day for America.

Ted Hesser

Mays Landing

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