ID card mandate doesn’t help high school security

Atlantic City High School annually devises another arbitrary rule for students to follow, but this year, their newfound mandate does little to protect students and arguably infringes on their rights.

All of my fellow students are now required to constantly wear their bulky identification cards on a bothersome lanyard. As real security concerns are present, the school would rather spend its limited funds on security guards to enforce the rule by interrupting class to check students and by threatening out-of-school suspensions.

I once asked an administrator about the rule’s purpose, and he refused to logically respond, angrily saying it must be followed simply because it is a rule. Even worse, the code of conduct states, “Students are required to produce their identification card upon the request from school personnel.” Nowhere does it state that identification must always be worn.

The Ninth Amendment of the Constitution implies that if an action is not explicitly banned by government, then the people have a right to engage in the action. Since the administration never explicitly states that students must wear identification, they have no grounds to punish students for not doing so.

This futile policy should be ended, or it should properly be made a rule and its purpose should be explained to students. Administrators must have read my recent essay in which I argued for more effective school security to prevent tragedy, but instead of addressing these safety concerns, they would rather make it easier to identify our bodies.

Alec Freedman


Spend on needy citizens, not invading immigrants

After the nation’s latest mass shooting, it seems that we need to take a step back and look at the current policies of our government.

The conservative and moderate sides have long sought more funding for our citizens. The images of our traumatized veterans and poor families sleeping on the street or standing in line at rescue missions do not seem to have more impact on the blue side of the isle than a caravan of thousands of migrants wanting to invade the nation.

It would be impossible to vet this entire hoard. The billions spent to house, clothe and provide health care to these non-citizens would be so much more appropriately reallocated to the needs of our citizens.

The latest election shows how the people in most need have been duped into bringing the people to power who would be most inclined to spend money on others than the needs of the electorate.

William Flatley

Egg Harbor Township

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