Third party not to blame

The third party paradox: Major parties before Election Day say a vote for third party candidates is wasted since they won’t win. After the election the major parties say they lost because of the impact of third-party candidates.

Recently, Atlantic County Democratic Chair Michael Suleiman in part blamed Green Party candidate Melissa Tomlinson for his candidate’s loss in a freeholder race this cycle. He claimed that the votes rightfully received by Tomlinson, despite Democrats’ insistence that it’s a wasted vote, would have otherwise gone to the Democratic candidate.

Green Party candidates earn votes like any other candidate; nobody is entitled to votes simply by being a candidate.

The Green Party focused its canvassing efforts on reaching people who typically don’t vote in non-presidential elections. We also offered new, unique ideas — ideas that seemed to lead the conversations at the debates and, in some cases, became co-opted by candidates on either side of the aisle. We offered something different and something that people clearly responded to, given the votes Tomlinson received.

We acknowledge our losses this cycle, take responsibility for them and we move on so that we may continue to do good for the people of Atlantic County. Though we may be the newest political party in Atlantic County, we have the maturity not to blame others for our shortcomings.

Mico Lucide

Mays Landing

Chair, Green Party of Atlantic County

Fairness in coverage promotes readership

Numerous printed media outlets in the nation have suffered a loss of revenue from their readership. When it comes to politics, maybe it’s time for the printed media to print both negative and positive information pertaining to both political parties. People are tired of reading their one-sided information.

President Trump has made numerous decisions that have had a positive impact for America, but they don’t make it into the newspapers. If they were truthful with their readerships, maybe they would see people returning to the printed media.

Ted Hesser

Mays Landing

Condemning NFL protests is un-American

I’m a proud, Vietnam-era Marine veteran, and I take exception to recent letters regarding the NFL protests. No one literally fought and died for the flag or the anthem, as is so often stated. What we fight for are our freedoms. Those freedoms include the right to dispute the government without concern of being jailed or worst. The symbols do not hold more weight than the freedoms they represent. To condemn fellow citizens for taking advantage of our freedoms is un-American. It’s condemning what makes us great.

We defeated in wars those who carried the Confederate and Nazi flags. But more hate and vitriol are directed at protesting black NFL players than the hateful racists marching in the streets, carrying those very flags. I fought for the right of those racists to march with those flags, as I did for NFL players to protest a very real problem, racially motivated police brutality.

Apparently for some, practicing your rights to protest brutality is worse than brutality, since I don’t hear those people who are besmirching protesters address the focus of the protest. People who believe police killings of unarmed black boys and men are less of an issue than protesting at games have some serious soul searching to do.

Eddie E. Hicks Sr.