Keep lighthouse where it is

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “Consider moving East Point Lighthouse inland to protect it”:

Interesting article but disturbing.

The light is still used for navigation, the location is a tourist attraction, wildlife is a big draw, the tour of the lighthouse is wonderful.

Also would like to point out most weekends the cars are parked all the way out to the main road so it is visited a lot.

Some groups make that as an end point destination (car clubs, etc.). We drive 45-plus minutes to visit and hit a local restaurant. We come for the view, to see osprey nesting or just to chat with the volunteers that man it.

To move it would be ludicrous.

We shouldn’t lose another landmark to disinterest or ignorance.

And there are actually people who take local pride in having a historic site that gives them an identity.

Bernadine Visalli

Mullica Hill

Wind energy destroys

Jersey tomatoes, vanquished by winter, will return. Nor will they be vanquished as second best with the rest, disregarding pronouncement by Stockton University Sustainability and their sustainable greenhouse trials. However, with sustainability, there’s more at stake than tomatoes.

Sustainability promotes wind powered turbines to generate electric power. Any clean air benefit is offset by their manufacture emissions and destruction of natural resources.

Is it sustainable for these behemoth turbine trolls to disrupt and swath-off our ocean? The open ocean will be jeopardized as a special place that is readily accessible in many forms. Society will be tangibly and intangibly poorer for this loss. Turbines with slums of massive platforms will create habitats for species to exist out-of-step with ocean ecology, generating negative impacts.

Armies of behemoth trolls are approved to castrate mountaintops across New York and artificially inseminate pedestals for support. Permits approved allow some killing of golden and bald eagles. Maybe this behemoth troll is the symbol of the country, where big money openly and wantonly controls public trust and resources.

The grid is an inviting host for the parasitic money-sucking turbine troll. Turbine cables necessitate an expanded grid, in doing so convert land and destroy critical natural resources. The winged-behemoth tentacles of the grid seek to grab and bore-in to destroy the ecoscape. That’s OK, but maybe not for our children’s children, when they wonder what happened to the open ocean and forested peaks.

The energy business is not capitalized for effective and direct use by the consumer for conservation and grid-independent technologies. Funding for these technologies needs to equal that for so-called sustainable energy developers. The technology is there, it’s just not here!

Our representatives need to remodel the grid with technologies focused on the consumer. Shame on them for soiling the party plank of environmental protection in-trade for the big-business stick. Stop subsidizing the turbine industry. Saving the environment is not an excuse for mass destruction of natural resources.

Francis Donohue

Port Norris

Mays Landing events shouldn’t pay for cops

After recently attending the Mays Landing Merchants Association’s monthly meeting, I had the pleasure of listening to a variety of events the association offers free of charge to the public. These events require many hours of volunteer work and fundraising so that the community can enjoy them.

One expense, listed on the agenda, stuck out: $3,000 paid to the Hamilton Township Police Department for stationing officers at one event. I question the logic of charging a charitable organization made up of Hamilton Township business owners who already pay taxes that cover the officer salaries.

As an alternative, why not assign officers who are already on duty to be stationed at these events? Near the close of the merchants meeting, acting Police Chief Greg Ciambrone stated how much the department loves working with the Merchants Association. The group is paying them twice so their appreciation comes at a price.

Peggy Capone

Mays Landing

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