Voting must be fail-safe

If we believe that our right to vote is sacrosanct, then we should have an absolutely fail-safe electoral process that reflects that belief.

Carmine Bonanni


Vets need nearby care

Happy Veterans Day? I think not.

My husband, a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran, recently was denied nearby life-necessary treatment by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He needs to undergo cardiac therapy four times a week.

Instead of traveling to a care provider in nearby Elmer for it, the VA insists that he travel to another state — Delaware — for therapy, despite his ill health.

I never even got a courtesy call back from the VA official who I was told denied the request. I believe officials are just waiting for Vietnam veterans to die off. It’s shameful.

Eileen Bennett


Cancer merciless, common

Sadly we read about cancer and think it happens to others and not to me. When it hits you or a family member or friend, it’s like a bomb bursting in your mind.

Cancer has no friends, shows no mercy or compassion. Makes no difference if you’re the best person on the planet and loved by all, or a beast and hated by all. It attacks at will, with no direction or rhyme or reason. Baby, young or at the end of your life, no compassion.

When it strikes one you love, they go through the physical and emotional struggle of the battle. Those who love them suffer as well, only mentally. The stress level is beyond belief to the loved ones and nonstop.

Cancer is very common; take a ride to a chemotherapy center and see people standing on line, coming and going as if they were giving something good away. Nonstop activity is a reality check, all sizes, shapes, ages. My heart and prayers go to all those who are living and fighting this disease along with their friends and families.

Vincent Scotti


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