Have cameras ticket speeders

Regarding the recent story, “They’re not slowing down”:

Why not install cameras that take pictures of the speeders, note the speed, and result in the offender being issued a ticket?

These cameras are already used for toll offenders where E-ZPass is used. The cameras may prove to be an effective deterrent.

Karen Hughes


Wire news stories biased

Articles from news wire services such as The Associated Press and Washington Post that contain bias, or personal opinion, or political agenda are commentary and as such belong on the Opinion page.

The Associated Press is an especially flagrant abuser. A recent AP article said, “Trump defenders push ‘no crime, no impeachment.’” Why was the word “push” used instead of an unslanted word such as “submit” or “present”?

Further bias/propaganda continues throughout this article, with the writer declaring several times that President Trump “pressured Ukraine.” I saw no evidence of pressure in the telephone transcript between President Trump and President Zelensky. Indeed, the president of Ukraine has repeatedly affirmed that there was no pressure asserted by Trump.

This is but one example of numerous articles that are the very essence of fake news. “News” stories should be examined carefully and placed appropriately in the news pages or in the opinion section.

Kathleen F. Pendlebury

Cape May Court House

Galloway meeting disheartens

Last night I attended the Galloway Township Council meeting and was disheartened and sad at what I witnessed. Many of the residents appeared to me to have nothing on their minds except the intent to bully and demean several members of council. I was disgusted at what I considered the attempted vilification of one particular member and the embarrassment of others, provoked and perpetuated in part by former mayors.

Bob Maldonado voted what he believed was in the best interest of Galloway. I believe he was personally attacked for the courage of his convictions. Wouldn’t this be the behavior of spoiled brats who don’t get their way? Wouldn’t this be bullying? Some residents had signs comparing council to Judas. I wonder if they used those signs when Rep. Jeff Van Drew changed to the Republican Party? Or was that OK because they agreed or approved of his decision?

It is a sorry state of affairs when humans turn on each other just because they don’t see eye to eye on issues. Have we lost our humanity? It sure felt that way that night.

Sue Goldstein

Galloway Township

Backs Sheffler for county sheriff

The reelection of Eric Sheffler is a no-brainer; there has never been an Atlantic County sheriff like Sheffler. I knew two years ago that with time, people would understand the fact that Sheffler is indeed a role model for all those seeking to understand how to make in impact with their lives.

The lesson here is simple: Some people are attracted to those who need help because it feels good to be of help at critical times. Whenever someone is hurting or suffering in some ways, kind-hearted individuals deliberately come forward to help without even wanting to be praised. This is where Sheffler comes in.

I am sure the lesson in this encounter is not lost on Sheffler himself. This is because his life does not lend itself to embellishments — it is an inspirational and captivating study of the triumph of mind over matter.

It should be clear that Sheffler is a well-trained, avid believer in the integrity of hard work and merit in public service, as the history of his past actions document that he has lived a life of selflessness and sacrifice for the good of the greater society.

Sheffler has raised the ante of purposeful leadership and good representation by a magic of work, ethics and sincerity of purpose. His representation has prioritized areas whose importance will continue to have enduring impact on the life of individuals far long after he’s done serving as sheriff.

Steve Cupani


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