Pitts vilifies those he hates

Regarding the recent column by Leonard Pitts Jr., “America must reject what it has become”: Although I commend The Press for being so fair in its op-ed pages by presenting all sides of issues, I must respond to this column by the hater Leonard Pitts.

The gist of Pitts’ article is that America is so terrible that President Trump must be impeached. Why? Because he used his own money to pay off persons of very questionable character who threatened to ruin his campaign, to say nothing of disrupting his family. Because of the totally phony Russian hoax. Because he fired FBI Director James Comey, who among other things lied to Congress. And because he gave away state secrets in the Oval Office? What a whopper that one is! Pitts is a swamp creature filled with venom who doesn’t give a hoot what the Constitution says about impeachment.

Where was Pitts when President Barack Obama was caught on an open microphone whispering to the Russian president to tell Vladimir Putin that he’d be more flexible after the election? When Obama was releasing $150 billion in assets to our Iranian enemies. When Hillary Clinton was releasing 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves to Russia. When after that, former President Bill Clinton was paid a hefty sum for one speech and money was donated to the Clinton Fund, both by Russia?

I would remind Pitts that Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury, not for lying.

Robert H. Barron


Poor planning on Somers Point bike link

Recently the N.J. Department of Transportation held a public information meeting on the proposed bike link between the Garden State Parkway bridge over Egg Harbor Bay and Route 9/Mays Landing Road in Somers Point. It was a disappointing presentation.

The information boards lacked sufficient overview of the project. More importantly, the project demonstrates the total lack of inter-government planning a project of this magnitude requires.

The parkway bridge, in which a new bicycle/pedestrian ramp was part of the design, has been in place for over a year; the planning was years before that. Why just now is the DOT realizing it needed to connect the bridge bike path to Route 9? This should have been planned concurrently with the bridge project.

Now, the parkway bicycle ramp sits idle until at least 2022, if not longer. At some point, public officials and government agencies have to accept responsibility for inefficient and poor planning and coordination.

Brian McPeak

Ocean City

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