Schultz could be viable Democratic candidate

Howard Schultz, former chief executive of Starbucks, running for president and winning is less preposterous than Donald J. Trump doing it. I like Schultz and much of what he believes concerning the national debt, border security and taxes. Except for his criticisms of President Trump’s economic negotiations and other global actions, I think he’s on target.

Like him or not, Trump is on a roll. However, we need a president who has the support and respect of most Americans. So, if Trump accomplishes all his America-first goals before 2020, I would consider voting for Schultz, provided he runs and appears to have a chance to win. He has management and people skills that I admire and seems to be the kind of person that Americans would be proud to have as their president.

My main problem with Schultz is that like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he sometimes displays a startling lack of knowledge. For example, he recently claimed that there are 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. Well, the estimate about 10 years ago was 12 million, so with more than a million more each year since then, the real number is somewhere between 20 and 30 million.

Consequently, like Trump he would have to be a quick learner. However, unlike Ocasio-Cortez he’s not a buffoon. Then again, he would only be able to use the I-know-nothing excuse for a short time while attempting to acquire knowledgeable and competent Cabinet members and supporting staff.

Ettore “Ed” Cattaneo

North Cape May

More Little Egg meetings offered more transparency

Transparency is the hallmark of democracy, open government and accountability. Most New Jersey municipalities are committed to this concept.

While the Open Public Meetings Act, otherwise known as the state’s sunshine law, does not establish a required number of meetings a municipality must schedule, it is clear that the intent of this law is to ensure that business is discussed and acted upon in a public, transparent manor at a scheduled meeting.

Little Egg Harbor Township seems to have a different concept of transparency in reducing the number of scheduled meetings for 2019. Little Egg’s website stated that “the committee formally meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.” In 2018 the township schedule 19 meetings, five short of what was called for and by doing so required four special meetings. The 2019 schedule calls for 16 meetings, three less than the prior year and eight less than what the website originally called for.

When questioned on this, the mayor stated that the reason was financial and the website would be changed. It now reads, “The Township Committee formally meets on the second and fourth Thursdays during the months of January thru April, and the second Thursday during the months of May thru December.”

Eliminating public meetings does not enhance transparency. Simply put, fewer meetings means less transparency.

Art Mooney

Little Egg Harbor Township

World must be protected for future generations

Regarding the recent commentary by Kevin Post, “Death isn’t the opposite of life that it first seems to be”:

I was moved by this column. But sadly, the world is no longer “optimized for life,” as the author suggested.

There have been unbelievably steep declines in insect populations. Those massive declines could not have been the result of increases in temperature alone.

The commentary takes up coming to grips with death. Personally, I do believe that our souls live on, and I understand that we are called to account. In that regard, William James, in his “The Variety of Religious Experiences,” has been helpful for me.

But even if James was wrong, our grandchildren certainly will live on and encounter grave dangers in a world of declining resources. I believe we are obligated to protect them. They are sinless and in our care.

Michael Diamond

Atlantic City

Hold US referendum on securing the border

We are a democracy, hopelessly divided over whether to spend $5.4 billion on barrier additions at the Mexican border. I’ve seen polls showing a split of 42 percent favoring the expenditure and 58 percent opposed.

As a problem-solver, I suggest a formal referendum, although mindful of what that idea has done to Britain.

Still trying to be helpful at solving the problem, I further suggest a general strike until President Trump becomes willing to accept the desire of the majority.

Dick Colby

Egg Harbor City

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