Solar enabled me to avoid high cost of electricity

Regarding the recent editorial, “Solar subsidies unneeded, harmful to consumers and a risk to emerging clean energy”:

I have owned solar panels on my home since early last year.

I love my solar panels and everything they’ve done for me, so I was disappointed to see the editorial criticizing subsidies for New Jersey’s solar industry.

I run a housekeeping service, and my husband is a diesel mechanic. We bought a house last year to be closer to his work.

When we first moved, I was shocked to find out how much our energy bills cost.

This region has one of the most expensive utilities in the state. Without competition, utilities can rely on inefficient energy sources like nuclear and charge an arm and a leg.

However, after we got solar, our panels took care of most of our energy needs and our bills became a fraction of their previous cost. I have lots of medical bills, and the money we’re saving thanks to solar helps keep things manageable.

I travel all over the state for work. Seeing how much solar has grown around the state over the past few years makes me proud to live in New Jersey.

I believe encouraging the growth of solar is a smart choice. It’s not abusing the Earth, and it’s helping people like me save for retirement. I think solar should be included with all new buildings.

Kerrie Lane

Egg Harbor City

Great benefits to solar subsidies

Regarding the recent editorial, “Solar subsidies unneeded, harmful to consumers and a risk to emerging clean energy”:

As a veteran, former police officer, father, solar worker and ratepayer in coastal New Jersey myself, I couldn’t disagree more strongly.

New Jersey’s solar policy leadership has brought great benefits to the state.

In a world where many jobs are being lost due to automation, the rooftop solar industry is a standout job creator, offering good-quality opportunities to people from all walks of life, including veterans and those without college degrees.

More than 7,000 New Jerseyans work in the solar sector, thanks to policymakers’ visionary solar policy including Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

Additionally, I’ve seen the military transition to solar energy on bases because of its resilience and reliability. Now that solar batteries have come to New Jersey, they can power coastal families like mine through storms such as Superstorm Sandy. Let’s make sure we are able to deploy as much solar and batteries as we can to keep communities safe during such emergencies.

Finally, I am reminded every day of the importance of creating a more sustainable future. Many of my customers are ordinary people who love that they can support clean energy while also benefiting from the lower bills they get with rooftop solar. This is why we should all support a strong solar future for New Jersey.

Doug Santa Cruz

Little Egg Harbor Township

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