Trump fighting leftists seeking control of US

There appears to be a concerted effort to cause our youth to become emotionally confused and unstable. The negativity children are being relentlessly bombarded with daily by schools, universities, movies, television and media is bound to have a deleterious affect on young immature minds, even on adults.

Look at what we’re asking children to cope with every day: civilization doomed by climate change; there is no God (Darwinism); there is no right or wrong (relativism); movies portraying more and more violence and promiscuous sex; to advance their agenda the LGBTQ being allowed to scramble the minds of kids as to their gender. Is it any wonder kids turn to drugs, alcohol, violence and the youth suicide rate is rising? Why bother being good? What’s there to live for? And now, to make matters worse, the legalization of “recreational marijuana.”

Child abuse doesn’t have to be physical. It takes many forms including verbal, emotional, psychological. Many parents recognize this growing crisis, but the moment they try to help their children by speaking out against gender identity dogma by LGBTQ, for instance, they’re accused of “hate speech” (thank you, President Obama) and shouted down. Our politicians, looking for votes instead of supporting parents, turn a blind eye or even encourage the adulteration of our youth.

The secularists, socialists and communists have gained control of key agencies and organizations that make policy and form public opinion. They are determined to turn us away from being a God-fearing people with a strong constitutional form of government. They seize upon and push any movement, such as materialism as a substitute for love, that helps bring society down. And they’re doing it through our youth, the citizens of tomorrow.

President Trump recognizes this and is fighting them. Trump-haters are being used by the left and led by the nose to hate Trump and do the left’s dirty work to bring Trump down. Why? Because he’s fighting to save the American way of life as inspired by our Founding Fathers.

Donald R. Ackermann


Backs Richter for Congress

I’ve been an independent voter whose voting tendencies are more Republican than Democrat. During the primary, I would have voted for David Richter.

Although I’m almost sure his three constitutional amendments won’t happen, they at least echo the sentiments of true Republicans.

Ed Dean

Somers Point

These are the good times

Regarding the recent letter, “McCaughey, Trump wrong”:

The old adage, two wrongs do not make a right, is spot on, and the letter writer’s opinion is just that, his opinion, to which he is unequivocally entitled.

As for me, I’ll gladly take our robust economy, plus many other perks available under President Trump, any ol’ time. We never had it so good!

Incidentally, here’s another adage with which I leave the reader, “Differences of opinion are what make the world go round.”

May everyone have a happy, healthy, wealthy and fantastic 2020.

Claire Pappas


War memorial in A.C. needs to be restored

I am a veteran of the Cold War in Germany. I served between 1965 and 1967 in Nelligen near Easlengen.

I have a relation who was killed in France in World War I. My American Legion is named after this person.

I recently started working in Atlantic City and I ride by that neglected World War I monument on Albany Avenue. It used to be beautiful when lit up at night on the inside and out, and was bright and clean, which makes it so disheartening to see this neglect inside and out. Aren’t there any VFWs or American Legions in Atlantic City that could take on the project to brighten up this memorial?

We just celebrated 100 years since the end of that war. I was raised in this city and remember the beauty of the golden lights inside that monument. Someone needs to come forward for these old memorials for men who gave their all.

Terrence Bodine

Egg Harbor Township

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