Ban offshore oil drilling

I am thrilled to see Rep. Frank Pallone introduce a bill in the House that would block new oil drilling in the Atlantic and the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Jersey Shore beaches feel like a birthright. When the Trump administration renewed federal plans to open the Atlantic to offshore drilling for the first time in decades, I was appalled. People shouldn’t have to worry about possible oil in the water or tar balls on the beach.

Pollution at the shore shouldn’t become the status quo again. Quite simply, when companies drill, they spill. And when oil spills, it spreads.

New Jerseyans must rally against offshore drilling anywhere in the United States. Congress should support Pallone’s bill to ensure the shore is never soiled with oil.

Lukas Illion


Warning labels needed for medical marijuana

Marijuana has never been approved for medical use by the Federal Drug Administration.

There is much research over the last 60 years showing the potential harmful effects of marijuana.

By approving marijuana for medical use without FDA approval, New Jersey may have put itself into a situation where it is responsible for the safety of medical marijuana, and could be subject to a class-action lawsuit if people claim that they were injured by medical marijuana. Likewise, doctors who prescribe medical marijuana without FDA approval may also be subject to such lawsuits.

Therefore, New Jersey must require a strong warning label on medical marijuana, completely listing all potential harmful side effects, to help protect itself from the threat of devastating class action lawsuits.

Hopefully, New Jersey will pass the necessary legislation to solve this problem.

John C. Kozimbo


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