Quit misusing clothing bins meant to help vets

Some time ago, I wrote a letter voicing a complaint concerning the misuse of bins in a shopping center to collect used clothing for veterans. The letter was printed.

I thought I had become immune to the site of garbage items, broken televisions, bookcases, toys, cabinets and such as I run by every day. Recently a sight caught my eye, left behind was a portable toilet. I thought, how could someone desecrate an area used to help service men and women? I suggest that whoever left view the movie “Taking Chance.”

I suggest that a veterans’ organization write a letter outlining the proper use of these bins. Maybe they should be removed. Would that be a detriment to those who use the facilities properly? Yes. Better to have a statement that we will not tolerate any more misuse.

Alan Levin

Galloway Township

Van Drew is unbeatable

As a Republican, I believe in the 11th commandment: Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican. I go a step further to defend all Republicans.

Keith Davis and Michael Testa are 100% correct. David Richter’s comments are divisive and splintering. Considering his vast accomplishments, I would hate to see Congress as another notch on his bucket list.

Likewise, I would not support a candidate who does not own property and pay property taxes in the district in which they are running.

I love Brian Fitzherbert, but not now. I would love him for my niece. He’s young and untested, but give him time.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew has worked hard and has paid his dues for many years. Make no mistake, he showed courage to switch parties. In my estimation, Van Drew will need this courage in Congress. I consider him unbeatable.

Ginny Nelson


Drug addicts need voice

My mother had three babies in four years. As a direct result my little sister was born just a few months after my first birthday. If you were to ask me about my sister, I would say words like kind, caring, hyper, dramatic, selfless, fearless, strong, resilient and addict.

I felt the need to write this because my sister suffers from a disease for which there is no known cure. She went to treatment in Florida for the first time when she was 22 and is now 29. I wish to let more become aware of how this pattern is never ending. She deserves to be heard to unravel the corrupt injustices in our country.

Vincent Vassallo


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