Needs of victims similar in trafficking and domestic abuse

January was perfect for National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, as it included the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for equality for every American as promised by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Child abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking all are human rights issues. Over 70 percent of young victims of trafficking were severely abused or molested as children. Unfortunately, predators use psychology to take advantage of their vulnerabilities with promises of a loving home, not knowing it’s entrapment in physical or/and sexual slavery. Victims become a commodity and cannot buy their way out of slavery, remaining isolated and nameless outcasts in society. As much as 90 percent of human trafficking goes unreported.

Anti-human trafficking tools are similar to those for child abuse and domestic violence, because violence is violence. It’s very important that parents, houses of worship, schools, policymakers, legislators, victim service providers and the medical profession collaborate to eradicate and deal with trauma in victims to train them into survivors.

Survivors need a voice as valuable citizens in society. This is the same premise King fought for — for every American to be given equality and treated with respect and honor, sharing equal rights written in the Constitution.

Valeria Marcus

Atlantic City

Don’t blame Jeffery for crucial incomplete pass

It’s time the Eagles’ fans to let go of the loss to the Saints. In a contest between two different teams there is going to be a winner and a loser. Otherwise, there is no game.

As far as the Eagle who feels he let the ball go through his hands, he didn’t. He never had control of the ball and the Saints’ defender was in the right spot at the right time. It was luck. Had the ball dropped to the ground, the play would have been an incomplete pass and the clock would have stopped. These things happen in all sports — lucky shots, lucky hits, call them what you want.

I was rooting for the Eagles, too. What about the previous game when the Bears’ field-goal attempt split the uprights, only to have that play nullified? On his second chance the kicker hit the uprights and crossbar, a big break for Philadelphia. If it hadn’t been for that missed field goal, the Bears would have been playing against the Saints.

Anything can happen in a game. Alshon Jeffery felt terrible after that final play, but it was not his fault. Hopefully the Eagles will again thrill us with their style and skill next year.

Matt Rendino

Egg Harbor City

School board fight a shame

Regarding the recent story, “Infighting halts Pleasantville school board meeting”:

What an embarrassment to the wonderful city of Pleasantville. When school board members campaign for office, it’s all about the children. When elected, it’s all about who controls the money. Oh well, good luck, Pleasantville.

Greg Bowers

Egg Harbor Township

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