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There is an old tale about a young boy walking along a beach strewn with thousands of starfish that have washed ashore with the tide. The boy walks along and carefully places each one back in the water. An old man watches him for awhile, then approaches him and says, “Why are you doing this? There are thousands of starfish washed up on this beach and only one of you. What difference will it make?”

The boy gently places a starfish in the water, turns and says, “It made a difference to that one.”

Politics can be a difficult game in the best of circumstances, but nowhere more frustrating than when you are in the minority, so it can be a daunting task to go to all the trouble of running a political campaign only to find yourself outgunned by the opposition. How can you make a difference?

As a Democrat running for reelection as an Atlantic County freeholder at large, Caren Fitzpatrick seems to understand this all too well. She cannot claim big public policy wins, grand legislation victories, or sweeping changes to the law. She doesn’t have the power to do that because the board is run by Republicans. What she does have is compassion for her constituents, a powerful voice, and a desire to help people. One at a time, if need be.

“It’s nice to dream of being able to make big changes that can help a lot of people,” says Fitzpatrick. “But the reality is we have to concentrate on the real problems of real people. I can’t make the sort of changes I think this country needs, but if I can help one person get through the day, make their life just a little bit better, then it’s worth the trouble.”

This is why it’s so important to have a representative in a position of opposition, to hear concerns and frustrations.

People need a voice that can help them navigate the complex structure of local government. They need an advocate, and Caren Fitzpatrick is that advocate.

She listens.

David McCarty

Cape May Court House

Return campaign funds

I don’t want to be somebody who jumps on the bandwagon, however, Congressman Jeff Van Drew has really disappointed me.

When he was first running for office I was a union leader who supported Van Drew. I helped him to campaign door to door. My union even contributed to his campaign, we believed in him.

I’m sorry that he turned out to be somebody who abused his supporters.

I urge Van Drew to return the money now in his campaign fund. That money belongs to the Democrats that put him in office. Nobody likes a turncoat.

Tom Cox


Diminishing the past

The farther you walk away from something, the smaller it becomes!

Nicholas Marchesani


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