Some Democrats undermine US

I have observed party politics all my life. I liked the checks and balances of a two-party system, but the Democratic Party now seems to embrace candidates who openly despise the principles that make America unique. Some seem to openly hate law-enforcement and espouse harassment in public places of ordinary people. This is becoming a tedious retort to anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

Some Democratic candidates want open borders. Sane people should know this would lead to the destruction of the country. Several Democratic office-seekers are espousing socialism and radical resistance. Many Democratic politicians don’t act to stop illegal-alien crime in cities, ignoring the rights of American citizens. The Democratic Party doesn’t seem to support American exceptionalism and seems to believe the Constitution is an impediment to its power.

Democrats will hasten America’s demise if opposition of America’s prosperity is based solely on disliking duly-elected President Trump.

When Brett Kavanaugh was accused, the presumption of innocence was shredded. No one should accept being automatically guilty by accusation, which destroys fairness and justice. The Democratic Party seems to want the destruction of American society and above all, power.

Robert S. Viola

Somers Point

Fight climate change to help farms, farmers

The recent article, “Earlier spring can worsen global warming,” presents new science about the complicated feedback loops between plant growth and climate. This is of serious concern here in the Garden State, home to 10,300 farms. Its agricultural commodities totaled $1.12 billion in 2011, employing 61,855 people. Scientists in the article said, “Our data clearly shows that average plant productivity decreases during years that experience a warm spring.” This is a problem for farmers because climate change is causing warmer springs.

If we value this bounty of farm-fresh food — and the farmers who grow it — we should urge elected officials to act on climate change. Our representatives should join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, which is working to find common ground on climate change and green energy.

Ann Maiese


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