Develop Millville land

I do protest in the strongest manner the latest governmental agency land grab, this time in Millville. There is simply no need to buy and add more than 1,400 acres from the old Holly Farms electric company site.

Millville is not a growing community, so the last thing it needs is more taxable property removed from the base.

This land is already surrounded by thousands of acres of undeveloped land. There is not massive growth or any type of growth whatsoever nearby.

There needs to be a county and state level action to do reasonable, taxable development in this area instead of no-growth.

By the way, let’s explore exactly who and what did profit from this exchange. These actions continue the folly of quasi-governmental groups getting property all over South Jersey, and using whose money?

Let’s also explore Stockton University buying old country clubs and maybe old casino buildings in Atlantic City. I wonder if there are great living suites for the university leaders and their friends there also. Imagine oceanfront free summer rooms for some special folks — what a perk at taxpayers’ expense.

Time to end this nonsense.

Ernst Hauschild


Dems threaten democracy

The Democrats have been trying to void the will of the people and the results of the 2016 election since before President Trump’s inauguration. I think they’ve now finally taken their coup d’etat to the level of treason. After wasting millions on bogus investigations, they will try to impeach a president on hearsay evidence and personal assumptions fully aware it will go nowhere in Congress but might help them in 2020.

Worst of all is their total hypocrisy. Forget the Russians, no one interferes with our elections worse than the Democrats with abuse of mail-in ballots, dead people voting etc.

Second is their audacity of accusing Trump of breaking the law while they aid and abet criminals by violating immigration law and providing sanctuary, medical/education benefits and now even driver’s licenses to people illegally in this country.

The party that was responsible for the Civil War, segregation and Jim Crow laws now accuses Trump of trying to destroy our democracy. If the Democrats want to find domestic enemies, they need look no further than their media allies and there reflection in the mirror.

Tony Perry

Egg Harbor Township

Dem policies buy votes

Is there any limit to the stupidity of Democrats and the “sheeple” who follow them?

Do they actually believe that giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens will mean they will now buy car insurance and come out of the woodwork?

If that’s so, then why not require voter identification cards now?

This is just another attempt by the Democratic Party to pander to another group for votes. It’s all about votes — whether it’s the LGBTQ community, mailing absentee ballots to persons who didn’t ask for one, pushing the transgender policy in local schools, and the legalization of recreational marijuana, just to name a few. All are aimed at a specific group and their potential votes of thanks.

Remember, it’s all about votes and staying in power. I’ve always believed that Democrats need the fraud to win, and this is just another step in that direction.

James McCusker

Somers Point

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