Impeach witnesses heroes

Regardless of how the President Trump impeachment saga ends, I know who the real American patriots are. They are the ordinary but courageous men and women who risked their jobs and careers to step forward and testify under oath about the misuse and abuse of power by Trump and his senior staff.

I think the real cowards are the presidential appointees who refused to testify and hid behind executive privilege and lawyer-client privilege — neither of which should apply when a crime is committed.

They protected people, including Trump, who I believe tried to use and manipulate government and tax dollars for their personal benefit. And if the phone call Trump made was “perfect,” as he claims, why was it necessary to try and hide things from congressional review?

I think the biggest cowards are the spineless Republican congressmen in the House and Senate, who seemed to turn a blind eye to obvious misconduct, offering one lame excuse after another for Trump’s actions.

History will judge these people, and I believe the verdict won’t be in their favor.

Seth H. Briliant

Egg Harbor Township

Opposes Rep. Van Drew

After voting for Rep. Jeff Van Drew approximately 12 times, often because he was the proverbial lesser of two evils, it disgusts me that he has now decided to ally himself with President Donald Trump.

Good luck getting whatever he has been promised by Trump. He’s not exactly known as a man of his word.

A note of admiration for the Van Drew staff members who resigned their positions rather than follow him into the tent of self-serving, morally bankrupt buffoonery. The staff members demonstrated courage, principles and class, qualities that I can only assume come from their upbringing.

Alex Curio


McCaughey, Trump wrong

Regarding the recent column by Betsy McCaughey, “Democrats trying to frame Trump by stampeding to impeach him”:

Someone should inform McCaughey and other apologists for President Trump that two wrongs do not make a right.

Ed Dean

Somers Point

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