Seems many above law

No one is above the law. Unless you enter the country across an unsecured border and make no effort to establish citizenship. Or if you intentionally overstay your visa and make no effort to rectify the situation. Or you mishandle classified information that if a young person in the military had done the same thing, would have spent time in Fort Leavenworth and then received a dishonorable discharge. Or if you are the attorney general and you have federal agents sell firearms to the Mexican cartels, and when Congress subpoenas you, your college buddy the president signs an executive order that says you do not have to testify. Or when you use your daddy’s influence as vice president to get a job in a foreign country’s industry of which you have no knowledge.

No one is above the law?

Frank Priolo


Do the voters’ bidding

Regarding the recent letter, “Van Drew’s vote independent”:

I wonder if the writer is possibly letting Rep. Jeff Van Drew do the thinking for the writer. Van Drew is supposed to be working for the people and not for himself. Voters elected him to represent them and represent their political positions.

I think Van Drew is supposed to represent the majority of opinions that people voice to him. People are supposed to participate in democracy, and not to just sit back and complain about what happens in Washington. People should contact their Congress people and senators to let them know their positions about certain issues.

Arthur Searfoss


Trump impaired Ukraine

As we as a nation debate what constitutes an impeachable offense, it is important to note the consequences of President Trump’s abuse of power. Even after there was a review of the military aid to Ukraine a hold was ordered on this aid. This delay strained U.S.-Ukrainian relations, impaired Ukraine’s ability to defend itself from Russia, and further alienated the U.S. from its allies.

While Ukraine has received most of the appropriated aid, President Zelensky has yet to meet with Trump at the White House. A meeting during the General Assembly is not the same thing as a White House visit. These types of meetings are common during the General Assembly and thus does not convey the same meaning.

As a result of Trump’s abuse of power, the people of Ukraine have questioned the integrity of Zelensky and have entered into peace talks from a weaker point. Earlier this month Zelensky met with President Putin to seek an end to the conflict. Zelensky was unable to portray the same level of support as his predecessor as he has yet to have a White House meeting. To make matters worse, as Zelensky was meeting with Putin, Trump met with Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov at the White House.

Other nations have questioned U.S. motives and what they may be forced to do in order to receive aid or negotiate with the U.S. This phone call highlights the reckless and dangerous behavior that Trump is willing to resort to in order to benefit himself rather than the American people. I doubt that Trump has limited this type of behavior to Ukraine.

Trump is guilty of both articles of impeachment and thus must be impeached. Unfortunately we have a congressman who seems to lack the ability to comprehend the Constitution. Rep. Jeff Van Drew seems to lack the ability to comprehend basic facts and I think isn’t doing the most basic of his duties. If Van Drew continues to not do his duty, then he does not deserve to be re-elected.

Maureen O’Shea


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