Dems threaten democracy

The Democrats have been trying to void the will of the people and the results of the 2016 election since before President Trump’s inauguration. I think they’ve now finally taken their coup d’etat to the level of treason. After wasting millions on bogus investigations, they will try to impeach a president on hearsay evidence and personal assumptions fully aware it will go nowhere in Congress but might help them in 2020.

Worst of all is their total hypocrisy. Forget the Russians, no one interferes with our elections worse than the Democrats with abuse of mail-in ballots, dead people voting etc.

Second is their audacity of accusing Trump of breaking the law while they aid and abet criminals by violating immigration law and providing sanctuary, medical/education benefits and now even driver’s licenses to people illegally in this country.

The party that was responsible for the Civil War, segregation and Jim Crow laws now accuses Trump of trying to destroy our democracy. If the Democrats want to find domestic enemies, they need look no further than their media allies and their reflection in the mirror.

Tony Perry

Egg Harbor Township

More parenting needed

I stand in solidarity with those who marched in support of healing in reference to the Pleasantville shooting and the tragic and inexcusable death of little Micah. Someone held a sign, “If you see something, say something,” which needs to be embraced by all, 24/7.

The superintendent stated that his generation has failed the current generation. I disagree. I believe the real culprit is the careless use and misuse of everyday social media, which has become the daily preferred use of human communication. FaceTime was used in the shooting to identify an individual’s location.

As an educator, parent, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and more, the emotional slaughter of human beings’ hearts, spirits and souls needs a major wake up call. When will parents begin to instill parental rules for smartphone and tech usage and have the courage to say no and that there are limits to usage and to act like parents. When will schools recognize tablets, phones and such are tools and that social human interaction and communication is key.

The prior generation did not fail or let anyone down. It is the present generation of parents who are our greatest asset if they can begin the critical task of saying no and for the right reasons when needed. The words I love you and no from parents can be powerful bullets of change and guidance.

Pamela A. Price


Big US changes needed

Our government is now confronted with a Constitution, and laws of Congress, that require amendments and requirements to face the current status in the 20th century. The position of the presidency must be held not only to a higher standard, but exact precise authority with checks and balances.

No one is above laws that are specific with no interpretations as stated. If required, federal laws established by Congress must have limitations of time for appeals. A subpoena given should have the power of arrest within a reasonable time.

Amendments must be ratified by all states that reflect their participation. The Supreme Court must have only four year terms and meet on appeals or cases that require a time period for discussion.

Time for big changes.

Louis Green

Mays Landing

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