Bills would hike costs of auto, home insurance

I’ve had coverage with New Jersey Manufacturers Group (NJM) for 60 years, one of the top rated insurance companies in the state, perhaps in the country. They just sent notice that the state Legislature, controlled by the Democrats, is fast-tracking legislation (S-2144 and A-3850/A-4293) that would cause personal auto and homeowners insurance in New Jersey to skyrocket, as much as $300 more for auto insurance and $100 more for homeowners insurance. These increased costs are according to an independent study done by a leading actuarial firm.

Special interests (want to bet it’s the lawyers at it again) argue it will enable claimants the right to challenge an insurer’s actions, but NJM says those rights already exist under present consumer protection laws, among the strongest in the country. If passed, the end result will be more frivolous lawsuits, generating higher costs and legal fees. Can’t imagine who would benefit from that.

The Democrats always claim to be for the working man and woman, but here they are again playing footsie with attorneys in exchange for their political support to the detriment of the guy in the street. And don’t think for one moment Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy won’t sign it.

We must oppose this if we don’t want even higher auto and homeowners insurance costs. They’re bad enough already. People should get on the phone or internet and tell their state senator and representatives to vote against these bills. Let’s fight this outrage before it’s too late.

Donald R. Ackermann


Deport illegal immigrants

Why does the state continue to help illegal immigrants in the United States? This is another reason to leave New Jersey. They even listen to immigrant rights groups.

The local police and federal agencies should focus on illegals that are driving. If caught, they should be deported immediately. The next right they’ll be given is the right to vote. This makes me sick.

Jim McAfee Sr.


Backs Van Drew move

The emperor has no clothes and the Democrats have no case. Out of 238 Democrat House members, Rep. Jeff Van Drew is the only one of them to see the naked truth: the Democrats’ impeachment circus is a total sham, damaging to the country and its citizens, damaging to the office of the presidency.

Their goal is to get rid of the president any way they can, without regard to truth, justice or collateral damage. They are despicable. By leaving the Democratic Party, Van Drew has shown the guts, integrity and fidelity to his oath of office that the other 237 Democrats can only dream of.

David S. Chapman

Cape May

Impeachment not fair

I am an independent voter who voted for Rep. Jeff Van Drew and I am happy he has enough sense to vote “no.”

I believe in fair play. After watching the Democrats on television and reading three newspapers a day (including The Press) there was nothing fair about this impeachment trial.

All the Democrats did was make the United States look ridiculous. Why do people have so much hatred in themselves? Where is their sense of fair play? Who would want to be treated like this?

Mary Ann Jespersen


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