Follow abortion money

Regarding the recent letter, “Abortion not worst choice”:

The author writes that “some” people think abortion is murder. All scientists tell us that it is a child within the womb when a woman becomes pregnant. It has the DNA of a human being from the very beginning. But some people who promote abortion do not believe what science tells them unless it suits their agenda.

A small percentage of women who consider abortion decide against it once they see the ultrasound of their baby. That’s not just some people. Why doesn’t Planned Parenthood provide ultrasounds? It’s not good for business. It’s the wrong choice.

Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the U.S. That’s not all. David Daleiden in his undercover investigative work has videos of PP employees talking about changing their procedures to provide better tissues in order to get a better price from the buyers. A doctor in California testified that babies hearts were kept beating when born to ensure their organs were fresh and intact. Don’t follow what PP says in their propaganda, follow the money.

As for the day-care center for student parents, that’s not new. Pro-lifers have been doing that since 1973. Pro-lifers now provide more crisis pregnancy care centers than there are abortion centers. What care does PP provide for women who regret their abortions? Zero. Catholics provide such care nationwide through the ministry of Rachel’s Vineyard. I’m sure there must be others who do the same.

“Be open minded” is the letter writer’s parting advice. Would that she were open minded. How does she know the future? She doesn’t even look at the past, which tells us thousands of stories of the disadvantaged overcoming terrible odds and becoming successes in life. She who lives in a nation that believes hard work and dedication can obtain seemingly impossible dreams should get with the program.

Rev. H. James Hutchins

Galloway Township

Senate needs witnesses

There are people who support President Donald Trump, agree with the notion that impeachment was motivated by hatred against the president, that witnesses who testified in the House investigation against Trump were disingenuous. They should ask themselves why this “victim” of a witch hunt does not insist that former national security advisor John Bolton, chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and others close to him be subpoenaed to testify in the Senate trial.

If Trump is truly innocent of charges delineated in articles of impeachment, let these witnesses with firsthand knowledge support his acquittal with exculpatory testimony. If the accused did not attempt to shake down the president of Ukraine, withhold ever needed military aid until he coughed up dirt on Joe Biden, let these witnesses swear to that under oath.

Lawrence Uniglicht

Galloway Township

Against Van Drew in GOP

There are many uncertainties in life but I am very certain of one thing, that Rep. Jeff Van Drew is not really a Republican. If there was ever any doubt that the Republican Party has lost its soul and independence, then that doubt is squashed with their fawning over Van Drew. When Trump says jump to the South Jersey Republicans, they say yes sir.

Van Drew beat these people in elections that were often times nasty by attacking their core values. Now these so-called Republicans are being ordered to support him. What a joke.

As a Democrat who supported Van Drew for many years, I would love to be a fly on the wall at local Republican gatherings where he explains his hundreds of anti-Republican votes in Trenton.

Van Drew is a good politician, he might look them right in the eye and tell them how he has always been one of them. I believe both he and them know that is not true, and that they will clap and will vote for him because they were ordered to clap and vote for him.

Van Drew is just a politician looking to save his seat. What is the South Jersey Republican Party saving? Certainly not their dignity.

Michael J. Makara

Mays Landing

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