Dem policies buy votes

Is there any limit to the stupidity of Democrats and the “sheeple” who follow them?

Do they actually believe that giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens will mean they will now buy car insurance and come out of the woodwork?

If that’s so, then why not require voter identification cards now?

This is just another attempt by the Democratic Party to pander to another group for votes. It’s all about votes — whether it’s the LGBTQ community, mailing absentee ballots to persons who didn’t ask for one, pushing the transgender policy in local schools, and the legalization of recreational marijuana, just to name a few. All are aimed at a specific group and their potential votes of thanks.

Remember, it’s all about votes and staying in power.

I’ve always believed that Democrats need the fraud to win, and this is just another step in that direction.

James McCusker

Somers Point

Foreign help precedent

If we do not impeach and remove President Trump from office, we might be saying that it would be permissible for future presidential candidates to seek help from foreign governments.

Michael Santambrogio

Egg Harbor Township

Van Drew courageous

I sent Rep. Jeff Van Drew my support for his courageous decision to oppose the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

I think we’d all prefer that he carry the presidency more the way President Obama did with dignity and class (that’s not to say I agreed with Obama on the issues), but if Trump wasn’t Trump would he be as effective as he is?

I thank Van Drew for seeing through this charade and wish him good luck.

Alan S. Aronovitz


Grateful to responders

All of the police, firefighters, EMTs, doctors and nurses deserve happy holidays. They all have saved my 88-year-old mother’s life twice in the past three years. My family and I got to spend another Christmas with mom at our side.

They are the real heroes in life. Every day without hesitation they answer the call to save a life, even risk their own life.

Nicholas Marchesani


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