Van Drew capitalist victim

When a person holds conflicting values, it probably means he didn’t have any to begin with. I think that pretty much describes Rep. Jeff Van Drew. Now, his aides that quit their jobs because of his spineless betrayal of the organization that supported him, they have values and convictions.

The picture on the front page showed a self-professed capitalist seated with President Trump. My question to Van Drew is, if he is a capitalist, just how much capital does he have? I think he is not a capitalist, he is just a boot lick at the foot of capitalists. He lives and serves in a capitalist society, but very few of us are capitalist. Nearly all people are just workers in a capitalist system. Van Drew has abandoned the effort for a better deal from the system under which all labor. Good luck in the next election.

George Critch

Ocean City

Don’t reelect Van Drew

I am retired, a Marine veteran and politically undeclared. I have always voted for whom I think is the best candidate, regardless of party. However, I believe Rep. Jeff Van Drew was wrong to vote no on the impeachment inquiry. After all, an inquiry can be where facts are presented in order to make a determination of guilt or wrong doing.

He explained his vote by saying impeachment is too divisive in an already divided nation. Really? He allies himself with arguably the most divisive president in history, one who has had three years to bring the country together but has succeeded in only creating greater divisions.

South Jersey more than anywhere should be familiar with President Donald Trump, having experienced him firsthand in Atlantic City. I think he makes grandiose plans, executes the plans on his terms, run things into the ground, sells out and throws anyone who disagrees or gets in his way under the bus.

Finally, Van Drew’s switch from the Democratic Party that elected him to the Republican Party was disrespectful to the voters who put him there. He has dishonored himself and the people who voted for him and should have resigned. I know I will not be voting for him.

Dieter Loewrigkeit

Galloway Township

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