Impeachment effort sad

It is one sad day in the state of New Jersey when Democrat politicians vote to impeach the greatest, most productive, most accomplished president in modern times. No wonder people with intelligence are leaving this state by the droves. No wonder politicians are switching their affiliations from Democrat to Republican.

Some people just never get it. And alarmingly, they never will.

A sad, sad day, but they bring it on themselves. As always.

Jay Smith


Return Van Drew funds

During the recent state legislative elections, the three candidates led by Congressman Jeff Van Drew under the title of “The Van Drew Team” all lost their seats.

Now that he is a Republican will he return all of the donations received that were provided by Democrats? Tens of thousands of dollars were collected for a campaign and any money left now just goes into his future election bids. Van Drew should return the money that he received.

How can he face the thousands of Democrats that supported his beliefs over the past several decades?

Bill Davenport

Cape May Court House

Lost respect for Van Drew

I just arrived home from my long day at Seabrook helping families struggling with addiction, hoping to get lost in TV. CNN reported that my congressman, Rep. Jeff Van Drew, had officially became a Republican. There on the screen was Van Drew sitting with President Trump, expounding on his comfort in his new political home, claiming that Republican ideology is more “comfortable” for him. Van Drew seems to be hoping that the powerful president will throw him a life preserver.

He dishonors the office held by an honorable man my family loved and admired, Bill Hughes. And despite my Democratic registration, I had nothing but respect for the long service of Frank LoBiondo. I always knew where LoBiondo stood, because both former congressmen respected their constituencies and were true to their principles. Sadly, Van Drew has proven not to be. In the words of Donald Trump, “sad.”

Edward Diehl

Ocean City

Against Van Drew

I feel like throwing up as I watch former Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew gush to President Trump that he will ever be loyal to him. I sincerely hope he understands that this will be short lived.

Many people disliked his nomination to begin with, due to his stance on gun rights and other things. I think this switch was a stunt that was always in the back of his mind and people just got played. Wake up, South Jersey Democrats — time to start rallying and vote this turncoat out of office.

Carole Kessler


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