Detours lack proper signs

There are a lot of detours throughout Pleasantville due to much needed repairs and repaving. My recent excursion to a doctor’s office in Linwood would never have had to be canceled en route had proper signs been put up.

After passing Shore Road and almost to New Road, we discovered New Road was closed in the direction of Linwood. Had there been signage at Delilah and Shore roads, traffic could have turned onto Shore Road to bypass the bottle neck.

We turned at the light past New Road with all the other vehicles only to discover we had to keep making lefts to go back to Delilah — not moving forward toward Linwood.

Someone has to tell the left hand what the right hand is doing when road construction is taking place. I’m sure it would cut down on accidents as well as frustrated drivers.

Roberta Fusco


NJ should have funded veterans, not lawbreakers

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy took $2.1 million from taxpayers, while cutting funding for veterans transportation, and gave it to Legal Services of New Jersey and the American Friends Service Committee to provide legal aid to detained, low-income residents facing deportation because they are in the United States illegally.

Let’s be honest, the only people benefiting from this will be the lawyers who will charge an exorbitant rate to a client that is going to lose because they are breaking the law.

Our local elected officials should have spoken up about this. Lawyers and illegal aliens shouldn’t be more important than U.S. veterans.

Don Scull

Galloway Township

Dems’ first day in Congress

On his first work day in the new Congress, Rep. Jeff Van Drew kept his word and voted against Nancy Pelosi for House speaker.

Meanwhile, a fellow Democrat from Minnesota, Rep. Ilhan Omar, was the first representative to wear a Muslim hijab while on the House floor.

Joseph Thomas

Cape May

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