Brexit vote, US unrelated

Brexit voting has no credence here. Beware of the candidates like Joe Biden and Sunday news analysts who say populist sentiment in England could spell disaster for Democrats here if the party picks a far left candidate. They are confusing issues and candidates.

Jeremy Corbyn is as despised in England as Hillary Clinton is here. Flawed candidates like Clinton and Corbyn are the reason populist candidates won in 2016 and recently in England to settle the three year struggle in Parliament over Brexit, nothing more. The issues here are different than in England and the move to the left is not a downside, it is a plus for why else would the leading candidate (which I seriously doubt) Joe Biden make the comparison? To confuse the voters here is the target and a last gasp strategy on his part.

I have old friends in England and in some of the Commonwealth countries. To them three years ago I predicted that Clinton would lose because she offered more of the same and Americans wanted change. The public voted for change but got conned by Donald Trump.

My friends predicted that Corbyn would lose because he is despised too. We have been correct so far and will we be again? Biden offers more of the same, as do all but Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Trump hasn’t adequately addressed the issues. If the Democratic National Committee continues to work against forces of true change with any of their chosen choices over Warren or Sanders, it will lead to total defeat again.

Marc Chiappini


Switched on Van Drew

I have always prided myself on voting for an individual’s merits for office rather than along party lines. At first I applauded Rep. Jeff Van Drew for being an independent thinker on the impeachment inquiry vote. However, in light of recent events, I have come to believe he had ulterior motives.

I voted for him because I felt he had South Jersey’s important issues as his priority and would be a strong voice for the area. Now I feel that he is only interested in being a career politician and likes the prospect of his comfortable position and will only put his personal interests ahead of everything else. How disappointing. He will do whatever it takes that is politically expedient for him. I urge everyone to encourage much needed term limits so that we do not give unmerited individuals a lifetime position that allows them to put personal goals ahead of the people they were elected to represent.

Linda Benz

Rio Grande

Supports Rep. Van Drew

“Stupid,” “desperate,” “a coward,” “absolute weasel”? How reflective these words are of both Democratic and Republican locals. Shameful party line rhetoric that will return to haunt them. The target of this is a man who serves his constituents well by voting independently, intelligently and without regard to the political peril it may bring. Rep. Jeff Van Drew has my vote in any party he chooses.

Sean MaGrann

Galloway Township

First responders delightful

First responders are the most amazing and giving people on Earth. We recently were at a store in Mays Landing to greet a caravan of police cars, K-9 units, SWAT vehicles, EMT and fire trucks plus five busloads of excited children (one was our grandson) waiting to meet up with their cop for the Shop with a Cop event. Each and every officer, even though they had just had breakfast with their child, greeted them in a most heartwarming way, as well the child’s family.

The young lady coordinator/volunteer couldn’t have been more cooperative helping us find the bus to wait for, and her priority was safety first for those children. It was a wonderful event and a wonderful day for those children.

After moving to an over 55 development six months ago, I was feeling somewhat down after hearing the fire truck sirens all over town with Santa visiting the neighborhoods. They surely wouldn’t be coming to a development with no children. But they did! When I heard the sirens come that close, I ran to my front door and was just delighted that Santa came, even to the young at heart.

Both of these events are voluntary as are the others that first responders participate in. These men and women who are there for the public 24/7 gave their time from their families to give children and even me such happiness. Let us remember their service to communities and their loving and giving hearts, and the next time you see them in an intersection holding a boot or a bucket remember all they do.

Joy Booye

Galloway Township

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