Hopes for Ventnor theater

Will the resurrection of the Ventnor Theatre site turn out to be much ado about not very much?

It is always a struggle to create just the right business formula to make it with such a brief peak summer season.

Let’s hope the new entrepreneurs have found the right formula to create a successful venture.

Joel Steinberg


Possible Van Drew motive

Perhaps Rep. Jeff Van Drew saw the insanity that had gripped the Democratic Party as his reason to change. Maybe he found it crazy that Democrats were calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump the day he was inaugurated. Perhaps he recognized that this impeachment, based on hearsay and speculation, was a desperate attempt to accomplish what couldn’t be done in the voting booths.

Van Drew’s decision could be that he no longer wanted to be associated with this madness.

Paul Friedman


Christian dedication differs

I once attended a lecture. Religion was the topic. The speaker began by admitting to bias, claiming objectivity is a rare attainment — then proceeded to assert Earth held two species of Christians.

One, said he, numbering the least, is composed of individuals dedicated to generously devoting time and means to decrease humankind’s misery, and for this commitment, the laurel “Christian” has been attached with permanence to their names by the thankful.

The other species, Christians by self-designation, also contribute to humanitarian efforts such as those that work to rescue children from starvation, but contribute differently. Member generosity is confined to outlays of words audible and silent. Participation in charity is restricted to deeds of convenience and brevity. Monetary donations generally amount to a pittance.

The speaker then led the audience through a diversion before returning to end the program with the following irony. “Those who do much for the world’s suffering are inclined to wish they might do more, whereas those who do little are inclined to believe they have done much.”

Ray Lewis

Corbin City

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