Happy the deer survived

Christmas Eve I returned home and down the lane, beeping all the way as warning to deer who may be about in the fields or woods.

And what to my surprise as I coasted into my driveway, there appeared three brilliant deer. What with all the shooting in the woods this week, it’s a miracle they survived.

I breathed a sigh of relief and softly prayed for their safety.

I have never and never will give permission for anyone to hunt deer on my property, and I have made that clear many times.

Dolores M. Hall


Chiarello dedicated

Buena Vista Township Mayor Chuck Chiarello had another great year of dedicated service and a job very well done. Despite the situation that the mayor required some long anticipated surgery and was partially restricted, his dedicated staff, fellow committee members and his expertise at delegation of duties enabled Buena Vista Township to not only function normally, but continue to thrive.

The mark of a great mayor is someone who constantly puts their town first and who is so skilled at team building and delegation that when there is a bump in the road, everyone is prepared for it. We understand Chiarello is well on the road to recovery and we look forward to many more great years in Buena Vista Township with him as its highly successful mayor.

Richard Jacobs


A.C. police cuts unsafe

So because Atlantic City government cannot manage its money, it is going to put both its police and the public in more danger. It’s like out at the jails. Make officers work longer hours so they don’t function as efficiently and more accidents happening both in their vehicles and in shootings. They also won’t be able to respond as well to calls.

People should get out the flack vests because they don’t know who’s going to shoot them, the police by accident or criminals on purpose, but Atlantic City will save a buck or two that should have been managed better.

Patrick M. Matthews

Galloway Township

Drug-fraud employees deserve leniency

The region’s prescription drug scam looks to be coming to a close, with only the bottom tier of public employees waiting to be notified by the FBI.

These small bottom tier recipients are as much victims as are the insurance companies and cities that suddenly had health insurance costs go to the millions.

Punishment is necessary, but not prison and not the loss of their government jobs.

A good salesman can sell you anything, and you’ll walk away thanking him.

Prison would not accomplish anything but the destruction of good families.

Community service is the answer. Working in nursing homes, drug rehabs etc. is a better solution.

If you have ever been in the presence of a skilled salesman, you know it’s like a magic show. It’s all about overcoming objections and closing the deal.

Poof, you sign, you’re in.

Peter McLaughlin