Boardwalk feeding ban protects people, animals

Regarding the recent letter, “Boardwalk bird feeding ban discriminates against animals”:

The writer claims that animals are our equals, calling bird feeding bans an “anthropomorphic bias.” Of course human interests come first. We were made in God’s image and likeness; we are the center of his creation, not just an “oh-so-clever omnivore.” What’s next, voting rights for animals?

If there’s a mosquito buzzing around me trying to suck my blood to reproduce, I don’t “feed” it — I kill it. Animals are not our equals, as PETA claims, they were created for our use. Don’t get me wrong, we must treat them humanely, but God gave us animals for food, work and clothing.

Laws against feeding animals are here for our safety. When we feed animals, then they start to take our food for granted and attack us if they don’t get us. If bears learn to associate the human scent with food, then we become their food.

Seagulls have been known to attack people for food, and as a resident of Ocean City, I have experienced this myself. Furthermore, french fries and other human foods aren’t healthy for seagulls; it’s much healthier for them to eat their natural food of fish, birds and clams.

Laws banning the feeding of wildlife are not “speciesist,” they’re for public safety, and they’re in the best interests of the animals as well. This ordinance is a good law, designed to protect both us and the wildlife.

Philip Palomeque

Ocean City

Against Richter in 2nd

Political newcomer and congressional candidate David Richter is impressing many with the money he is spending both to fund his campaign and contribute to others’ campaigns, but residents in District 2 should do some research into this unknown player. Richter is a recent “resident” in our district, with a home in Princeton where his family lives, and a property in Avalon he rents. One might question how he can represent the citizens of the district when he has little connection to or investment in it.

Not only is Richter relatively new to the area, but he comes with no history in elected office, which doesn’t provide much to go on to get to know him. His résumé is centered around being a job creator and successful businessman at Hill International. While Richter says he turned a small family business into a thriving company, Hill was already an international company when he became president in 2004, and the company’s stock was lower at the time of his departure.

More importantly, his tenure there has what I consider some serious red flags. In 2010, during the Obama administration, Hill International welcomed Joe Biden’s brother to a leadership role in the company; seven months later they landed a $1.5 billion contract for construction in Iraq. The presence of the vice president’s brother should make the cronyism obvious.

The Atlantic City area has historically been victimized by outsiders who want to take advantage of its assets to enrich themselves and their circle of friends. Do citizens of this district really want a congressional representative who is an out-of-towner who already seems to have used a political connection to enrich himself?

Greg Seher


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